Rick Wayne meets The Chairman

After an absence of almost two years, Rick Wayne returns to TV tomorrow evening, as the special guest of Dave Samuels, star of Calabash TV’s ‘Mr Chairman.’ Why Samuels?
“Well,” says Wayne, “Dave and I go back, let’s see now, a hundred years? Well, it seems as long as that, anyway. Save for one or two other journalists still breathing, Samuels was around back in the day when the first bricks of Freedom Road were being laid down.”

Freedom Road? The publisher smiled: “Long before you were born, Kayra. This was at a time when journalism was without any glamour whatsoever, and most influential media were owned by foreigners too scared to lose their work permits to be critical of government policy. Some of us had to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, regardless of the risks!”

Of course I had to know, were there any plans for the return of TALK? “What’s there to say that I’ve not already said a million times. Maybe it’s time to start a new show called LISTEN. Maybe the show could concentrate on interpreting the political BS that passes these days for news. Somebody really needs to take on the job of carrying out reality checks on our politicians and those who suck on them for sustenance.”

“So what will be the topics up for discussion?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” the publisher smiled. “I guess we’ll be touching on all the things no one else dares to touch. Problem is we won’t have time to tickle as many issues as I’d like to tickle. But seriously, it’s all up to the show’s host. Ask and he’ll receive.”

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