Silence is golden is the lesson here. Leader of the opposing party has made a deal for a constituency. Is that what we’ve come to? Rick Wayne Rants!

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  1. Bolom says:

    Make them sweat, expose their silent corruption. Silence is the hypocrisy of greed. My observation principal of Kenny is he is a prime example. He promised better days, but everyday is becoming worse. Izenberla dit cown ie yae, Kenny bwizen a tire gage a sou boodien.

  2. Malpalant says:

    Rick, I strongly disagree with you on the one….

    There is a quote that goes “speaking several languages is a good thing, keeping quite in any language is a great thing…”

    Sometimes it is necessary to keep your mouth closed when what it is you will say will only hurt someone
    It is necessary to keep your mouth closed when you do not have the facts
    It is a good idea to keep your mouth closed when the information you have is coming from unreliable sources
    It is important to keep your mouth closed when you know the information you are sharing is false.

    The world would be a much better place if malpalants and mauvais langues would observe the “silence is golden” rule

  3. hulla says:

    You mean Rick that man stoop so low as to try to buy a constituency and
    that there are some who will sell ? No criminal charges are planned for those crooks??
    St. Lucians are really considering voting for that man ? or those men??
    well then St lucia really falling low.

  4. hulla says:

    that Jonathan Swift caption on your screen …you put it Rick?

  5. Bernard Francis says:

    Don’t bother bout them guys Rick, so them stay and some will never see the light. Some of us will forever be mindful of the hard work and contributions of pioneers such as your good self. Remember the old saying ” they’re not lessening, they’re not still, perhaps they never will.
    Just keep up the good work within this space and time….and SMILE.

  6. Fer De Lance says:

    You are quite correct in saying that we are the blood bank of suckers, but there is a reason for this. It has to do with desperate poverty, most of St. Lucians live in a beggars existence, we wait for any hand out. The bottom line is that Beggars are always willing to be a sucker. How does Richard have so much money? Is he in an industry or something? How much do lawyers earn on in such a tiny poor island? If you can answer those questions I believe things will take care of themselves.

  7. Fer De Lance says:

    I could listen to you all day, nicely said. On another note, Dr. Small Size has really damaged St. Lucia since his arrival in 1997. His grand experiment in super borrowing and backwards business has created a beggars society, the island is a bitter experience, hence so much crime and misery. I don’t see any possibility of things getting better because the borrowing is getting bigger, I guess the size of the borrowing does not matter as well. Pot vs kettle should be platin calling the kettle black, Kenny is a big round red chaudier.

  8. mark laporte says:

    This is a good addition to the on line Star Rick.
    And by the way the biceps still look good.
    just got my self back into the gym anfd on the track too.
    i feel better that way….fit.
    mark laporte

  9. Gpl says:

    The echo in the background is a little annoying. You should think about getting a proper mic for your camera.

  10. Fer De Lance says:

    What is Kenny’s legacy? Borrowing!!!, he never really established any chance for business growth in St. Lucia, VAT is like “Gramaxzone” to life on the island. What is the point in talking about a non economy, what economy? Dr. Fence sitter.

    • Sharlton says:

      Kenny legacy – He will be remembered for erasing by selling the only two legacy Labour Party would have been remembered for, the establishment of Bank of St Lucia and St Lucia Development Bank at the time. And one more, if he attempt another term in politics, he will be 5 years less than Compton as the longest serving leader in St Lucia, however, with nothing to show.

      • Doubting Thomas says:

        Oh he has alot to show, it’s almost time for his water to break. His big boombastic belly is evidence of mass consumption. You see people who create debt crisis, over eat and drink.

  11. Rick Wayne rick wayne says:

    We’re working on the sound quality, Caroline. Thanks

  12. lisa says:

    Like I have always said, the SLP administration is the biggest joke in the OECS. If we allow Kenny and his Goons to continue to be in office for the next couple of years even Haiti will be in a better position than us. St Lucians are a bunch of cowards and don’t seem to take the necessary reasonable and realistic approach, an approach any other nation would have taken a long time if their country was being run into a depression, I mean protest action and standing up for their rights as seeing we live in a democracy. St Lucians WAKE THE **CK UP !!!

  13. Where the problem lies says:

    I believe that we all have our ups and downs and this is really a down for Dr Anthony. I agree with him that the economy is bad and that its gone take a while (maybe two years before elections) to get it moving again. This may be his reason for all those drastic measures that have some terrible ripple effects. In this hardship we cannot focus on any good news, not even that tourist arrival has increased. Having faced the reality, we have not seen or head and effective plan for growth. Could it be that the cabinet (not only Kenny) cannot think?

    I suspect that this time around, Kenny has it tough. A stagnant economy, a desperate nation, prices going out of control and an ineffective cabinet.

  14. Yvonne gray says:

    To any embassy around the place that we connot handle in terms of cash to pay those workers overseas

  15. Mark says:

    Its about time that Rick Wayne stop being the problem and become the solution .It is easy Rick real easy to regurgitate peoples thoughts ,you have done well in not giving us original content but feeding us over the years of content by others you are a STAR at that. the real star is putting the money from the people not in the gym but maybe into a school ( The Rick Wayne Academy) or something along that nature ( you have to give me credit for the name of that school lol) . That is what turns around this country not talking about it and then going to bed but actively working in it giving people tools and teaching them how to use them and providing the avenues in which the tools and teaching can be actively manifested in society. You are saying STEP is flawed but here is the reality STEP comes into my area and cleans it up they get payed tomorrow as I pass that same area I can say someone has been here and done cleanup work and has impacted the area by transforming it from dirty to clean.I can pass better because those persons have actively made a difference. On the other hand I buy a newspaper read it have a few laughs and the next day use it to wrap fish or wipe my windows in fact the community of St Lucia because “half ” of them cant even read and the other half because the newspaper not even in creole do not even know or under stand what you have written.Here you are now RANTING in English when your community cant even comprehend your rant. WOW you are a Star , a…

    • Tired of this Politics says:

      Well, Rick Wayne is part of the problem ,like we all are and so he is affected just the same. He deserves the right to talk about it. THe only thing is that he is better at getting the media than we are.

    • Sharlton says:

      Mark, you are sounding more like an adviseall than an advisor lol! Advise your boss (Kenny) that we Lucians deserve more than STEP. As for Rick, I’ll say thanks, for providing we St Lucians a voice to express our RANTS

  16. Caroline Popovic says:

    the sound quality is really bad…..Rick you need a clip-on microphone.

  17. problem child says:

    what u say it true he the country broke but they have money for ads when was what they portray on the news that the steps workers saying they happy they taking 5% of their salary i say thats a joke

  18. neg mawon says:

    i am happy that i was not the only one who was taken aback by the ad, our region has a serious leadership issue, we have leaders who think themselves so bright that they are above reproach. instead of having them town hall meetings almost exclusively targetting supporters of the party and those who benefit from their programmes(step,nice,etc.), why not invite everybody and let the discussion also include ideas and approaches to help solve our current rot? but then again these politicians are more interested in their pockets and their power rather than our collective well being

  19. Rick Wayne Rick Wayne says:

    Admit it, Bat, ya just wanna gaze into my baby browns. Will consider your suggestion but I should let you know my signature darkers are actually long distance prescription glasses. Seems silly though, to hide on YouTube, glasses or not lol

  20. Silver says:

    Lol…Glad to see you back Rick! Good Stuff. I have a small suggestion though…For better audio clarity, do your recording in an area which echoes less.

  21. thinly_disguised_hatred. says:

    another show designed to bash SLP and Kenny Anthony. If you are not looking for the solutions, you are only trying to cause problems.

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  23. Bat says:

    Rick, may I recommend removing the sunglasses when evangelizing to your viewers. The sunglasses make you appear as hiding behind something and not very credible. If you are visually impaired, kindly disregard my suggestion. Then again, you saw the “tits” in all their glory; therefore, I do not think there is anything wrong with your sight. OK! maybe you are sensitive to light, so you need to wear your shades…..

  24. Fer De Lance says:

    Dr. Kenny is a fence sitter, he has no vision, just he sits on the fence and watches helplessly as other countries make the adjustment into a marijuana economy, he has no interest or understanding of how to lead. He is only concerned with how the world views him and his history. A real leader sees the road and has nothing to do with fences, in fact he tears them down to make way for the new. Cowards cling to the past and all it’s dead ideas, Kenny is a relic, he does not fit in the 21st century. Time for Allen Chastanet to brighten St. Lucia’s existence.

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  26. Fer De Lance says:

    St. Lucians have a fear and hatred of anything involving sex or the naked body, the church is responsible for poisoning and conditioning the most St. Lucians to being 100% sexaully repressed. We are sick people who behave like robots, we have no self awareness, everything we do is because we were told how to be. Carnival is great as an artistic expression in costume designs, but the repressed perversion that breeds in the gutters is an insult to the intelligence of humanity, you treat sex as if it were dirty and unholy, which means that you hate life since you were born from sex, you must hate yourself. Very few people on the island can think for themselves, they are just like parrots who utter meaningless but smart sounding words, we are the deck decks of the world.

  27. Fer De Lance says:

    Well said, St. Lucia is being run like a business which has no connection to reality, Kenny has always been addicted to borrowing money and spending as if the sky were raining money. Let me say that Kenny is to money what an alcoholic is to white rum, you know how bad the hang over can be, well, we are in a money hang over and it’s going to last for many years. Sad to say nothing is being done to recover from that head ache and vomiting, we are living in Better Days.

    Good business sense is not something you can teach, your are born with good intelligence, Kenny is a false smart, he is so book smart that he sounds as if he knows what he is talking about, but don’t be confused and fooled by all tha BS noise.

  28. Lovely says:

    Wow.. This is the truth brought to light!

    • Jep says:

      Wow! That was power. I normally disagree with Rick but after watching this I want to hug him. I was horrified when I heard this statement from one of our politicians. I think he should apologize immediately to the family and then resign as a parliamentary representative. How could he represent anyone if he thinks that one of his constituents who was treated like an animal and subsequently lost his life, doesn’t even deserve the respect of even an inquest.

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