Road Tragedy Claims Four

The Bexon highway was, on Wednesday 14th January, 2015, the scene of a major accident which resulted in the death of four. According to police reports at about 3:02p.m on that day the traffic unit of the Royal St Lucia Police Force responded to calls about a vehicular accident. Arriving on the scene it was discovered that a motor truck which was travelling in a southern direction and was being driven by 54 year old Thomas Arthur of Deglos, Castries had run off the road and crashed into a utility pole. On board at the time was 58-year-old Margretia Antoine, grandmother of brothers six-year-old David Agard and four-year-old Benjamin Agard who were also on board, all of Sarrot, Castries.

Saint Lucians continue to mourn the victims of the deadly road  accident which occurred here on Wednesday.

Saint Lucians continue to mourn the victims of the deadly road
accident which occurred here on Wednesday.

Upon impact, the motor truck burst into flames and what is believed to be the charred bodies of Thomas Arthur, Margretia Antoine and David Agard were recovered from the vehicle.

Benjamin Agard, who sustained burns to the body, was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, after picking up Benjamin and David Agard from the nearby L’Abayee Seventh Day Adventist School, the driver had stopped at a petrol station to purchase fuel. It was said that upon leaving the gas station, one of the truck tyres exploded sending the vehicle across the road and into the utility pole. It is also widely believed that a high tension wire may have come into contact with the fuel on board and ignited the sparks that set the vehicle ablaze instantly.

Meanwhile prime minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has expressed his deep sorrow at the events of Wednesday, that have claimed the lives of four citizens.

Reflecting on the tragic turn of events, Dr. Anthony said: “I was stunned and incredibly saddened to hear of the accident that took place. I was especially distraught to hear that, once again, innocent children have lost their lives on our roads. It must be an incredibly difficult time for the Agard and Antoine families, for the L’Abayee SDA Primary School, for the Seventh Day Adventist fraternity, and for the communities of Sarrot, L’Abayee, Bexon and Deglos.

“The mother of little David Agard and Benjamin Agard, the children of Margretia Antoine, must be crushed right now, and we spare a thought too for the family of the driver, Thomas Arthur. These families need all the support they can get from the community at large, and the entire nation shares in their grief.

“My condolences go out to the bereaved families, the students, teachers and staff of the L’Abayee SDA Primary School, and I pray that they can find resolution.”

The incident came just three days following a tragic accident in neighbouring St. Vincent. A small bus packed with secondary students on their way to class plunged off a seaside cliff there on Monday killing at least five children. Two other missing persons were also feared to be dead.

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2 Responses to Road Tragedy Claims Four

  1. Terrible ! ! Oh man. Far too many old vehicle on the roads down there with bald tires. 90% of all trucks down there have bald tires. The only trucks with good tire are the ones transporting gasoline or natural gas.

  2. Peti mo says:

    Once again our hearts go out to the families and community……May jah give you ……….now traffic laws ect are suppose to help save lives…..but they must be strictly enforced…..we drive on tubes not even fearing an expensive fine…….oh well now we sad ….hurting…..use the hurt to fix the mess ……these angels did not have to die……bless

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