Ronald ‘Boo” Hinkson, Big Chef and Tapas come together in Perfect Harmony!

Often described as the language of feeling and passion, music can be a beautiful reminder of the most touching times of our lives. We can all associate songs, bands or even genres of music with particular experiences. As we observe the 25th Anniversary of Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, you are invited to a special celebration at Big Chef Steakhouse and Tapas on the Bay.

Located in the heart of Rodney Bay, Big Chef Steakhouse – especially cherished for its perfectly prepared Angus beef, crisp salads, succulent local fish and other seafood, chic and comfortable lounge bar with its killer cocktails and top tier wine list – has partnered with renowned Saint Lucian guitarist Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson for this special occasion.

(Left) Derede Williams (Right) L-R: Roger Eckers, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and Werner “Semi” Francis.

A STAR line up including Derede Williams and Ronald Boo Hinkson will be on hand to deliver sweet music from May 4th – 11th at Big Chef’s in Rodney Bay.

Experience seven blissful evenings of intimate dining and concert experiences between Wednesday May 4 and Wednesday May 11.

For more than three decades revered native son Boo has been making sweet music in Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia. Initially tutored by his late mother, an accomplished guitarist in her own right, Boo’s musical career began when he formed the legendary Tru Tones group. With eclectic blends of Caribbean and pop rhythms, the band commanded local and international stages for two decades including an appearance at Super Bowl XIII.

With the demise of the Tru Tones, Boo metamorphosed into a solo act, with an obvious leaning toward jazz. Genuinely gifted, he is especially loved for his technical prowess and improvisation. He has shared international stages at home and abroad with several acknowledged music greats. Ever faithful to his West Indian roots and to jazz, he couples his appreciation of the old masters with contemporary jazz and soca. Small wonder his popularity continues unabated.

Dubbed “Boo, Jazz and Big Chef,” the week-long events will also feature the best of our home-bred musicians. Boo will be joined by American Professor Roger Eckers on saxophone and flute, as well as such exceptional artistes as Emerson Nurse on piano, Clarence Joseph on trumpet, Hilary Lewis on trombone, and vocalist Werner “Semi” Francis.

As if the above were not already a menu made in heaven, also in concert at Big Chef will be the accomplished Saint Lucian pianist Richard Payne, best known as a co-founder of Bluemango, (Creole jazz sextet); the Wespé Pou Ayiti Project and Alibi (Jazz fusion quartet). Experience the Rupert Lay Trio (drums, upright bass and Archtop guitar), a Jazz ensemble best known for its acoustic/semi-acoustic sound ranging from Bebop to Caribbean/Latin Jazz and indigenous Saint Lucian music.

Famous for incorporating traditional bite-sized tapas with Saint Lucian and Caribbean influences, fine wines, sangrias and other pitcher drinks, Tapas on the Bay will host the inaugural Voices on The Bay. A Boo Hinkson production coordinated by Dupes Did It Music’s Jonelle James, the funky Spanish style setting on the Rodney Bay waterfront will showcase some of Saint Lucia’s finest rising stars. Experience unrivaled performances from Jessy Leonce, Aiyah, Sherwinn Dupes Brice, Shayne Ross, Kiz, Chocolate Berthier, Christal Valere, Michael Robinson accompanied by PULSE Band and Deredee Williams. (More in the 2Nite magazine.)

Make your reservations today and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Soothing sounds, an unmatched selection of wines, a delectable menu and a perfectly matched atmosphere await you, your friends and family at Big Chef Steakhouse and Tapas on the Bay. Dine and Jazz with us. We want you to be a part of the celebration!


May 4: Tapas –
Jessy Leonce, Aiyah, Shayne Ross, Sherwinn Dupes Brice
May 4: Big Chef Steakhouse –
Richard Payne
May 5: Tapas –
Derede Williams with Hilary Lewis
May 6: Big Chef Steakhouse –
Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson with Roger Eckers, Clarence Joseph, Hilary Lewis, Emerson Nurse
May 7: Big Chef Steakhouse –
Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson with Werner “Semi” Francis
May 9: Big Chef Steakhouse –
Richard Payne
May 10: Big Chef Steakhouse –
Rupert Lay Trio
May 11: Tapas –
Kiz, Christal Valere, Chocolate Berthier, Michael Robinson

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