Sammy has made us proud

West Indies All Rounder Darren Sammy

West Indies All Rounder Darren Sammy

The following is a statement issued by Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, on the resignation of Darren Sammy from Test Cricket:

“It always gives me great pleasure to issue a statement which highlights the remarkable achievements of a fellow Saint Lucian. It serves not merely as opportunity to give praise where it is due, but as an occasion to inject hope and inspiration into the psyche of our nation.

Darren Sammy’s announcement of his retirement from Test Cricket was sudden. While it may not have been an unexpected decision for many cricket enthusiasts, it was indeed a shock to many Saint Lucians. Untimely though it may be, I wish him the best on his chosen journey.

The Government and people of Saint Lucia are proud of Sammy’s contribution to West Indies Cricket. His work ethic, humble approach and commitment to the game in an age of individualism and mindless pursuit of self-satisfaction are worthy of recognition and emulation. Darren took on the role of West Indies Cricket captain at a time of untenable disarray, disenchantment and the slow destruction of our dream of regionalism. He brought comfort that as West Indians we can be proud of our identity, our history and our class in all endeavors. He was given the most unenviable task and he never shirked, complained or shied from the responsibilities or consequences of his leadership.

It is ironic that West Indies Test Cricket has lost Darren at a time when he is the only West Indian to feature in the Reliance Top 10 test ranking for all rounders. Nevertheless, as a Government, we respect the decisions of the West Indies Cricket Board and that of Darren Sammy.

On behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia, I salute Darren for maintaining his honour, integrity and sincerity in the face of the challenges he encountered. We look forward to giving him our continued and unwavering support as he continues to make Saint Lucia proud in the game that he so loves.”

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2 Responses to Sammy has made us proud

  1. dan says:

    I hope he does something for his local community

  2. galanjoseph says:

    Rick does an outside contibutor have to contibute or reiterate what the PM has actually said? LOl. Even though Darren was inclded on the top ten list of all rounders is that a criteria for making the team? or even captaining for that matter. What if had made the list of top ten of the worst all rounders? If the Pm had made such a remark about football then FIFA would be thinking of withdrawing. Thats why politicians should stay far from sports. then again we are masters of this killing fiels of the caribbean.

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