Senate prez demands PSC resignation!

Following is a statement from the office of the Leader of the Opposition:  
As Leader of the Opposition, I wish to clear the air on the status of the current Public Service Commission. During the 14 March 2012 episode of his twice-weekly radio program Straight Up, the President of the Senate made some disturbing insinuations, not least of them that the office of the Governor General had acted contrary to law.  The Senate president declared illegal the appointment of the PSC on March 2010, based solely on his contention that, contrary to law, the day’s prime minister had not consulted with the Opposition Leader. The Senate president also publicly demanded the immediate resignation of the Public Service Commission.
As Leader of the Opposition, I wish to assure the Saint Lucian public, including the President of the Senate, that the Public Service Commission is a constitutional entity. Like the Teaching Service Commission, the PSC is neither a committee nor a board. The provisions for appointment of the Public Service Commission are clearly outlined within clause 85 of the Constitution of Saint Lucia.
Within that same document are clearly defined provisions for causing the office of any Commissioner to become vacant. They include: expiration of its three-year period of office, infirmity of body or mind, misbehaviour or his or her having served as a Parliamentarian, Supreme Court Judge or holder of public officer three years preceding appointment to the PSC. Any exception from these provisions would require the appointment of a tribunal and eventual removal, subject to the findings of the said tribunal.
As to the matter of the Commission’s declared illegality by the Senate president, on the invented basis that the then Leader of the Opposition was not consulted as required under Clause 85, the following facts should be noted:   By letter dated February 23rd, 2010, Prime Minister Stephenson King wrote to the Leader of the Opposition for his input regarding appointments to serve on the Public Service Commission.
The Leader of the Opposition responded via a letter dated March 10th, 2010 expressing concerns over the appointment of certain persons to the Commission.
The Commission consisting of five members was appointed by the Governor General in March, 2010 to serve for a period of three years until March, 2013.
The sequence outlined here confirms there was consultation, while at the same time exposing yet again the fact that what Mr Claudius Francis is best known for may not be in harmony with the prestige of the office recently bestowed upon him by his party leader. That this Senate president is no respecter of patriotic Saint Lucians, is clearly illustrated by his most recent outburst—especially such Saint Lucians whom he perceives as not being in step with his party’s aspirations.
Mr Francis, by his latest rant, has brought into disrepute the office of the Governor General that appoints the Public Service Commission. If for that alone, the current holder of this respected high office, and other proud Saint Lucians, deserve an immediate apology from the Senate president. Not that there is the slightest chance it will be forthcoming any time soon!

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