SHE Caribbean Magazine ‘App’ Now Available!

There’s excitement in the air at the SHE Caribbean publishing house! This week the magazine’s publisher, Mrs Mae Wayne, announced that SHE Caribbean is now available as an App, meaning that the quarterly publication can now be downloaded easily to your smartphone. Currently this App is only available for Apple Iphones and Ipads, however, versions for other mobile devices and platforms will soon become available.

Now the vibrant photography, in depth articles, profiles and more are just a click away and can instantly be uploaded to any mobile device.

“This is a new, innovative step for us and we are so thrilled and proud,” said Mrs Wayne, beaming as she looked at the pages of the Magazine jump from her own SmartPhone. “Having an App means that we are not just ahead of other magazines in the region, we are a leader in the technology department. This is a first for the Caribbean and we couldn’t be more elated.”

Mrs Wayne was most excited, however, about the reach the magazine will now have around the world.

“Distribution wise, this will change the way we do things,” she said. “We have received letters for years from people all over the world who want to read the magazine but may not be able to get it where they are. This is a thing of the past. This makes us truly an international magazine able to reach people wherever they may be. SHE readers who are on the road often can get their new issue right away, and read it while they travel and take it with them everywhere.”

The App revolution that has swept the rest of the world has spawned an entire new market for publishing and Mrs Wayne explains that the SHE Caribbean App is just the beginning. This will also be a phenomenal added feature for advertisers.

“It’s limitless and so easy,” explains Mrs Wayne. “Our advertisers will now be able to not only reach people who buy the magazine on newsstands but also those who download the App. It opens up a whole new technology savvy clientele.”
SHE Caribbean magazine is printed and published by the Saint Lucia Star Publishing Company Limited and has won numerous awards for its covers and photography.

The SHE Caribbean App can be downloaded easily from the Apple App Store on Itunes or visit for details. Loyal SHE readers have already begun downloading the just released SHE Spring Issue featuring, on the cover, the breathtaking Miss Caribbean-World Aiasha Gustave. Don’t be left behind, download it now!

How to get the new SHE App:
Download from the Apple App Store on Itunes from your Iphone, Ipad or Computer, PC or Mac. For more details, logon to

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