She’s all about keepin’ it real!

centerRemember when every other lady you hoped to bump into was named after a saint? You got the impression moms and dads sat up nights researching the Scriptures for names good enough for their newborns: Magdalene, Josephine, Mary and other perennial virgins were the order of the day.

Even boy babes were named for the holiest humans ever to walk this world: Ezekiel, Francis, Josiah, Luke. Let’s not even start counting the number of Michaels and Josephs we know.

No more. It is only too obvious where today’s moms (it seems dads are an endangered species!) get their inspiration. Tamara, Tabitha, Nene … Straight from BET and the reality-TV shows based on the alleged daily lives of big-butted babes and their rich and not always muscular partners.

We didn’t dare ask our current cover and centerfold star how she came by Kershama. It was enough that she readily confessed her great love for music and partying with friends, her passion for fashion, and her overwhelming love for “a good camera”—which may or may not be what we imagine she meant to say!

On the other hand she describes herself as “very outspoken and straight- forward,” a person who
always calls it as she sees it. For that, she says, her friends greatly admire her.

Presumably her BFFs must all look like her, which would leave no room for Kershama to tell them a single word not altogether flattering. Then again, there are folks who like nothing better than a good tongue lashing from a tell-it-like-it-is tongue lasher!


                                            “I’m a very straight-forward person . . . .”

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One Response to She’s all about keepin’ it real!

  1. mark laporte says:

    Thank God for beauty

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