She’s the book you can’t judge by its cover!

“My body is my obsession . . .”

photo-(1)_v2As if already that were not most obvious, she tells us she’s bold, spontaneous, talented. Oh, and very generous. Those lucky enough to be her close friends refer to her as Barbie/naughtylicious (we can only wonder why) but her real name is Karlene.

The 19-year-old phenomenon calls Morne Fortune home. A graduate of the Bocage Secondary School, she considers saying her prayers a daily must-do.

She likes to sing and enjoys all forms of music but her special favorite is dancehall. Which is not to say she gives most of her time to the genre. Actually, there are times when she flip flops and R&B suddenly becomes her number one reason for living. Go figure!

As for her “obsession,” how about what you’ve been staring at? Karlene is as nuts about her body as you are. Sometimes, she confessed, it is almost impossible to drag herself away from what she sees in her bathroom mirror. And just in case you may be feeling the very opposite about your own body, Karlene wants you to know the best exercise she knows is dancing to dancehall.

Girls with six-packs and “big butts” ring her bell every time. Bright colors, too. She loves to party but makes a point of steering clear of troublesome situations. She’s also the kind of girl who appreciates candle-lit dinners at nice restaurants, chocolates and roses.

She says: “My friends always ask if I ever get upset, since I’m forever smiling. I tell them life’s too short to spend it grumbling and looking only on the dark side of things.”

She’s an up-front kinda chick, she says. And just in case you’re thinking about dinner at Big Chef’s and Cadbury’s wrapped with red ribbon, tread easy, Pilgrim. Karlene is taken, if only for the moment.
Oh, “and one more thing,” she adds, “I’m bisexual!”

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3 Responses to She’s the book you can’t judge by its cover!

  1. mark laporte says:

    whew !! hmm!!

  2. Jah ! Yes I . How sweet it is.

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