Silver Shadows to perform at Rhythm and Motion Festival

Never a dull moment with Silver Shadows!

Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy sets off to Trinidad & Tobago from the 4th to 7th October 2012 to participate in the inaugural Rhythm and Motion Festival. This festival is being organized by the Shashamane Cultural Ensemble of Trinidad & Tobago under the theme “Orin Wa, Ijo Wa, Asa Wa — Our Music, Our Dance, Our Heritage.” This activity forms part of the Trinidad & Tobago Heritage month festival activities and also forms part of Trinidad & Tobago’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations. The Rhythm and Motion Festival will be held in Separia within the district of St Patrick East, which is in the southern part of the country. The Shashamane Cultural Ensemble hopes that through the festival, both local groups of Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean counterparts: St Lucia, St Kitts & Nevis, Barbados, St Vincent and Jamaica among others, can showcase the diversity of the performing arts through dance and drumming — their uniqueness, traditions and artistic elegance. This festival also seeks to foster togetherness and sharing among regional counterparts in the sphere of performing arts; to teach and learn from each other and be more aware and appreciative of our rich and diverse cultures. It is also the hope of the Shashamane Cultural Ensemble that this festival becomes a Bi-annual event in Trinidad & Tobago. The festival is centered on staged performances in dance and drumming. The festival programme includes an official opening ceremony, live performances at local communities including secondary schools, dance workshops, lectures, symposia and displays, a street parade, a drum fest and the main stage event is the Rhythm and Motion festival scheduled for Saturday 6th October. The Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy contingent consists of 13 dancers, four drummers which includes Hensely Paul from Piaye and Barry George, artistic director and head of delegation. The group is expected to perform a repertoire of six dance renditions, which highlight dances of our African Ethnic cultural influences both in its traditional form and modern contemporary style called “A Twist of Folk”. The repertoire is as follows: Masquerade, Traditional Bele, Coal Carriers, Bamboo Stick Fight, The Standpipe and Cockfight and will be featuring the St Lucian Bele and Masquerade as the tutorial pieces for the festival dance symposia and workshop. The St Lucian delegation of Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy hopes to make their country proud and represent St Lucia at the highest level by promoting St Lucian dance and culture on a regional stage. The opportunity to participate in this historic inaugural festival was supported and sponsored mainly by the ministry of tourism and creative industries, ministry of youth and sports and Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy. Performing cast includes Ron Gill, Germain Charles, Vejay Sydney, Gideon Ambrose, Anya Edwin, Ayana Alexander, Kacy Poleon, Sadia Hypolite, Patrice Lewis, Sylanne Raymond, Akina Randolph, Padita Francis, Shartoya Jn. Baptiste, Barry George (Artsitic Director/Head of Deligation and drummers Lapo Kabwet featuring, Hensley Paul of Paiye.

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