PM, Senate Prez reveal cops-businessmen conspiracy to remove Kenny Anthony!

This matter would be utterly laughable if the potential implications weren’t deadly serious. However, I couldn’t help having a good laugh while reading certain parts, especially Claudius ‘Einstein’s’ sublime mastery of logic. Based on what I read, if A postulates “X”, and B can’t prove that “X” is wrong, then the veracity of “X” is thereby automatically established. It’s not even necessary, apparently, for A to provide an iota of evidence to B in order to support the assertion “X.” Talk about warped logic! With such reasoning, let me dream up some assertions:
(a) With the exception of a few, most politicians in Saint Lucia are bungling idiots. Prove me wrong.
(b) Some of our cops are planning to have a late night orgy on an undisclosed beach. Prove me wrong.
(c) Most unsolved murders were committed by an evil syndicate spearheaded by Chucky, Freddy and Jason. Prove me wrong.
(d) This one you’ll like Claudie: a certain country’s Senate Prez is borderline bonkers or delusional. Prove me wrong.
If what Mr. Francis is claiming has any semblance of truth to it, and the Prime Minister is aware, how can one explain the incredible level of nonchalance and inaction on the part of those supposedly in the firing line? But this is Saint Lucia where anything goes.

– Woodsman

A-Musings: A Gem of a Lady

Michael, I love this article, not just because of your outrageously different writing style but, above everything else, you have chosen to write about our beloved GG. Some years ago I ran a flea market/thrift shop near Marisule and, can you imagine, our GG left her chauffeur-driven limo outside to come visit my shop. She had to satisfy her curiosity; after all, the shop was called ‘Let’s Make a Deal’. That simple gesture, setting aside the protocol to share the experience of being among ordinary folk, spoke volumes about Her Excellency.
Your article about Dame Pearlette reminded me of her graciousness as I watched Pope Francis shun the promised limo and instead use a Fiat during his current visit to the USA.

– – Martin Carasco

Why bother with the CCJ?

Why is this aged old question still been ask and imposed? I would believed by October 2015 the masses in region would have been up to date and inspired about such endeavor, but The St Lucian Star lags behind (as usual) O well, there, there, there. It seems some of us has not read the recommendations of the Chief Justice of The Privy Council when he staunchly suggested that it was time for the Caribbean Nations and “others” to seek and establish there own final court of appeal because it’s becoming “two burdensome” and costly to “The Tax Payers” of Great Britain need I say anymore, but there are those (like yourself) or countries like Barbados who refuse to relinquish their “Massa Mentality”. So my question to you dysfunctional contributor what do we has region has to loose by having the CCJ as final court of
appeal? Inquiring minds would like to know.
Correction; in the Case of Ms. Shanique Myrie vs The State of Barbados, she was fully compensated as ordered by the court.

– – King Majesty

Taj Weekes promotes animal welfare

I am happy to see the progress Mr. Taj Weekes is making in his effort to help the animals and to educate some St. Lucians at the same time. I, too, was brought up in Castries and treated the animals the same as he did, but I have come to realize how wicked I was to the helpless animals who looked to me for help. I now live in The Cayman Islands and between my house and my 22-year-old daughter’s house, we own 9 dogs and 4 cats. I have tried to convey to my family in St. Lucia the same approach that I have here in the Caymans but I have not made any headway.
My daughter loves the animals and spends half her salary on their well-being. She is now training to become a vet and does not allow me to feed the dogs with chicken bones as she is concerned with what the bones can do to them. I have never seen anyone love animals as much as she does and every time I come home to St. Lucia I witness the abuse. I thank God for what you’re doing Taj. Keep it up!

– – Frank
Will Justice for Commissioner Francois be Justice for all?

This will ping pong
back and forth without conclusion/resolution for a long time and then, when elections are due, ‘results’ will be forthcoming from the government in an attempt to damn the opposition. It will be an election tool and nothing else.
How is the DPP being enabled to investigate? Her office is already snowed under with the huge backlog of cases.
Was Jamaica really the best place to carry out this investigation – a country with a long history of crime and corruption?
Will the report be worth the paper it’s written on? There will be no outcome other than to completely demoralise the criminal justice system and all those involved in it. We are not fooled.

– – Anon


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