GRYNBERG! ‘A Constitutional Crisis!’

When tyranny, corruption and oppression become law in a country it’s only a matter of time before some level(s) of revolution (usually not democratic) erupts to shed the blood necessary to cleanse the land of these impurities and make way for progress.
-Lucian Russian

Ghetto Peacemaker Cheryl Clarke dead!

While we await something to be done about the IMPACS report, the homicides and unsolved murders and mysteries continue. When will we have an update Mr. PM?
-Joe Blow

All I can say is that the chickens always come home to roost.

When will it all end Lord and who will put a hand? The children in the ghetto need love, peace and food to eat, not empty promises from politicians who are bent on keeping the ghettos this way to serve their means and needs.

Jail for Dasheen

Jail him if he steal a rice grain. Lucians just like to wander onto people’s property and pick this and dig up that without asking the owners. I know all too well my golden apple and sour sop tress are abused daily; even with my eight foot fence. It’s not free for all people plant their things; I am quite sure if he had asked, it would’ve been given.
-King Majesty
Garbage everywhere

And to think that we say that we are a Godly nation. Didn’t someone once state that cleanliness is next to Godliness? So why are Saint Lucians insisiting on throwing garbage here, there and everwhere and expecting someone to pick it up for them? Jail them or fine them I say.

Rising Stars For Bahamas

Congratulations to the young men and women who will be auditioning in the Bahamas for a shot at making it big in the industry. Hope you guys get the support you deserve before leaving and not when you make it alone.


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