The Yard: A New Creative Space

The Yard features only St. Lucian and Caribbean writers? Wow what a first!! CONGRATULATIONS
– Mark LaPorte

EU joins US demand for due process following IMPACS!
You can only paper over the cracks for so long. What future has St. Lucia?
– Anon


This episode has Saint Lucia and not just Kenny Anthony between a rock and a harder place. And you know what, we all will pay the price; make that we are already paying the price from the IMPACS fallout.
– Zick

Will Justice Mediation be Pushed Forward?
The thing is there are many friendly governments offering to assist Saint Lucia with things like justice reform. So why are we not accessing the assistance? Is it because there are no kickbacks with such initiatives? Is it because blocking potholes and building footpaths is more visible and so brings more votes? It is time we become serious about justice in this land.
– Texas

From Tragedy – Inspiration from the flames – a new creation.
I found this article very informative and inspirational. Indeed one day Soufriere will rise from the ashes and stand tall and proud.
– Ricardo

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