In last Weekend’s edition of the STAR newspaper we featured the story entitled “Mother pines over son on remand for eleven years.” In that particular article we referenced our conversation with the accused Urban St. Brice’s mother Marietta Joseph about her son. We also highlighted the case itself while chronicling some of our coverage of the matter over the years. We in no way did this to show any partiality toward any one side, but to underscore once again the “injustices” of our justice system to have a case prolong without coming to a conclusion.

We did the same earlier this year, with the murder case of Ninja Dan, lamenting the fact that both the family of Johnathan “Ninja Dan” St. Rose and Dwaine James (the victim) are being dealt the same injustice as the case has been consistently adjourned without any hearing at all. The STAR is very much cognizant of the fact that both sides suffer in these instances and we will continue to highlight the fact that justice delayed is justice denied, not for one but for all-the accused and their families and the victim and their families. And so it is time that the office of the DPP, the bar association and the Ministry of Legal affairs and the justice Minister clean up their act and get it right once and for all. Eleven years we believe is way past enough time to decide whether someone is guilty and how much time they should serve or innocent and set free. We are also sensitive to the fact that it takes in some instances a lifetime for the wounds of family members (when the case involves a violent act or murder) to heal and that they too are seeking closure from the system. Here, one family member of the victim in the Urban St. Brice case responds to our story in last weekend’s STAR. –(Editor, STAR Newspaper).


Relative of Dwaine Andrew responds

In reporting the news, I believe the onus is on the reporter(s) to be fair and impartial. I would like to address the discrepancies and biasness of this article by representing my family and being the voice of my deceased brother Dwaine Andrew.

Illustrating, Ms. Joseph sorrow at the imprisonment of her son without referencing the family of the deceased is one-sided. It is clear this article portrays Ms. Joseph’s point of view through a third party but we (the family of Dwaine Andrew) would like to know has she taken the time to compare her agony with our family’s. And how the reopening of this case rehashes old wounds for those who grieve a son, a father, a brother, an uncle and so much more.

Like Marietta Joseph, Leroy Andrew mourns the loss of her child. Through all the trials and evidence surrounding the killing of my brother, the one name that remained consistent is the name of the convicted Urban St. Brice. The article depicts Urban St. Brice as the bread winner and provider for their family
but so was my brother
for his family. The circumstances that lead to my brother’s death was defined publicly as a dispute involving drugs and money.

Ms. Joseph claims it is unjust that her son cannot be with his son, born three months after his arrest. My niece was fifteen months old when her father was murdered by the hands of St. Brice. She will never hear her father’s voice, yet alone be able to touch him. However, St. Brice still has the opportunities to have a relationship with his son and family even if it’s behind the prison walls. Like St. Brice, Dwaine also has a family too, even if we remained silenced for eleven years.

As Ms. Joseph informs us of what her son says in regards his whereabouts on October 22nd 2002 when Dwaine was murdered. Since my brother is unable to have a voice in this case, perhaps we may never know why this is taking so long to be resolved in court. But what remains fact is that Urban St. Brice has been found guilty of the Dwaine’s murder.

I have seen at least two reports by your organization referencing my deceased brother Dwaine Andrew. This newspaper has sensationalize the story of someone who has been convicted of murder instead of presenting the other side to this tragedy.

Whether or not Urban spends the rest of his life in prison does not avenge my brother’s death and if released, I hope the time he spent incarcerated would have served him well and that he comes out a rehabilitated individual.



Vernette Boncamper

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