Students at Child Research Symposium Angered by Leaders

Sir, I am a 13-year-old student and I am disturbed by the attention our officials give to matters which are important. Today (Thursday November 19th) students around the island were engaged in a child research symposium which was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel. At the beginning of this symposium we were graced with the presence of many a distinguished guest including the minister of health. In her opening remarks she ensured us that she was interested in what we had to say and that our voices were important. However, when the actual presentations by the students were being made, the officials, who in my opinion have the power to effect the changes which we were proposing, left. All who were left were the teachers and students. Many students were angered; we spent hours preparing those presentations and in my opinion they fell on deaf ears. How serious are we about change? How serious are we about listening to young people? In my opinion this activity will go absolutely nowhere.

– Krystyan Severin

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