Suicide haunts Choiseul family

Family members show where the body was found.

On Sunday, 39-year-old Cecil Modeste was found hanging from a mango tree on a farm near his home.
Family members were all stunned and in disbelief at the passing of someone they considered to be very jovial and down to earth.
Sister-in-law to the deceased, Magdeline Degazon says she discovered the body on her way up through the farmland.
“I left my home at about 8am,” she said. “I usually pass along the farm to go to his mother’s place. I was heading there to collect something. While going up, from the distance, I could see someone stand on the mango tree. I thought to myself that it might be someone who stopped to shelter the drizzle. But as I walked closer to him, I noticed the same clothes he had on three days before.
“When I got closer, I called his name and told him Saturday morning, the first person I saw was you and I asked you why your pants was going down and you said that was not a problem and the second person I am seeing this morning is you. You hanged yourself? Then I started screaming. I could not speak nor call anyone until my screams were heard by my two children. They came to me and asked what was wrong and I told them, look Keus who hang himself there,” said Degazon, while trying to hold back her emotions.
Degazon added that she immediately called his brother and the police who then came to the scene.
Family members stated that Cecil had been drinking for many days and had been heard saying, “We will meet in the other life.”
One niece of the deceased said her uncle, Cecil had spent the night at his mother’s home after coming from a bar a few yards away from the home. She recalled telling him to stay when he attempted to leave once again for the bar. She says, she forced herself to remain in the living room with her uncle to ensure he remained sleeping on the sofa. Even as she laid herself to sleep later in the night, she got up several times to make sure her uncle was still there, however, when she woke up on Sunday morning, her uncle was gone but his house keys were left behind.
At first, she said, it seemed odd that he had gotten up as early as 5am but thought he went out near the area only to find out later, her uncle was found hanging from a mango tree.
Police have not released an official statement on the matter but so far, they have indicated that there appeared to be no foul play.
According to reports, this was the second member of the family who has committed suicide.

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