Taiwan’s Choice—and What a Choice!

Vonette Victor, ball in hand, doing what she does best, in action on the rugby field. Now she has a new role!

Your average rugby player may, in your prejudiced mind, be a semi-toothless, tough, sweaty, beefy, beer-swilling macho kind of guy who loves to sing dirty songs and get drunk after a match, preferably covered in mud. Well, think again. Here comes Vonette, the woman chosen to represent St Lucia at the Taiwan Home Stay Conference that takes place next month in the Republic of China.

The Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, determined that Ms Victor was the most qualified candidate to represent her country during the Home Stay Visit to Taiwan in August of this year. She will stay in the home of a Taiwanese family during the conference period, and will learn at first hand how Taiwanese families function, live together, work together and how they view life. It is the chance of a lifetime.

Although rugby is not a sport well-known in Taiwan, Ambassador Tom Chou is well acquainted with the game after his many years of service to his country in South Africa where rugby is a passion.

Ms Victor is the ultimate modern woman: determined, intelligent, heading for success in her professional life, attractive and unafraid to follow her dreams and live her ideals.

Former Captain of the St Lucia Women’s Rugby team, she still trains and plays regularly in international matches. The male and female rugby teams train together where, or so it is rumoured, the ladies give as good as they get.
Her primary school years were spent at Ave Maria Girls’ school from which she graduated to attend the Leon Hess Comprehensive School. Sir Arthur Lewis Community College came next where she attended the Department of Health Science.

In 2004, she became a Registered Nurse, the next step in her career. Somehow, it is refreshingly different to think of a nurse’s caring, delicate hands fighting feverishly for possession of a chunk of leather in the shape of a rugby ball.
From 2007 to 2009, she attended the University of the West Indies Mona Campus in Jamaica, where she was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

During her stay in Jamiaca, she just happened, alongside her studies, to manage to be named Sportswoman of the Year, 2007-2008, for hockey, netball and basketball at Mary Seacole Hall. In the 2010-2011season, she represented the University of the West Indies at basketball and as goalkeeper in the hockey team.
Upon returning to St Lucia she took up employment at the Victoria Hospital where she works in the Maternity Unit. Presently, she is attending SALCC with a view to gaining a diploma in midwifery; the license exams are in October.

She started playing netball with the Avengers Netball Club. Professionally, and again perhaps unusually for a rugby player, she modeled for approximately 5 years with various agencies. Earlier during her school years, she was a member of St. Lucia Cadet Corps and represented St Lucia in 1995 during a summer camp in     Antigua.

An easygoing person, a jovial individual, a very determine person who, when she sets her eyes on a goal, tries her utmost best to achieve it, she is clearly an industrious person who possesses immense powers of persuasion. Her motto in life is: Anything you want well, do it yourself. In her spare time she loves to read, watch basketball, and train with her teammates. She loves romantic comedies, action movies and relaxing with friends.

Her rugby career began in 2006. She was captain of the national team for approximately 3 years and has represented her country in St Vincent, Barbados, Mexico, Trinidad, and Guyana.

Vonette considers rugby to be a “self building” sport. Rugby furnishes you with the ability to be assertive, and improves your capacity for teamwork.
We look forward to hearing from Vonette after her return from Taiwan where she will surely be a fine representative for the youth of this country.

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