Talk City anticipates Rick Wayne return!

Rick Wayne's TALK is back on a new station!

It is almost impossible to walk the streets without someone stopping me to ask: “When is Rick coming back? We need to hear him.” The talk show host has been off television for several months after leaving Saint Lucia to seek medical attention overseas. Although Wayne has still been constantly writing articles and calling in to various talk shows some Talk City fans still can’t wait for him to be back on the air with one of the most controversial shows on the island. We were informed via an ad in this newspaper last week that Rick Wayne will be back this Sunday, October 9, albeit on a new TV station with his show TALK!
Speaking about the show’s shift Wayne said, “I’ve been at DBS for something like ten years or more and it’s no indictment on DBS that I’m leaving.  It’s just that the other guys are really excited about the prospect and I felt that if you stay in one place long enough then you become part of the furniture no matter what.  Choice TV is offering me some new avenues that I want to go down. I’m looking forward to it mainly for its newness; it’s a new station.  But I’m going to miss my main man like hell, Junior.  I don’t really know the other people at Choice but I’m excited about the possibilities.”
Wayne says Talk City is in for an exciting debut on Choice.  “There are a number of things I want to hit on,” said Wayne.  He continued, “One such topic is the foolishness of our politicians who, for the most part, are not nearly as smart as the average St Lucian but we allow them to run our lives.  Most of the guys in politics right now ought not to be in politics—I’m talking about both parties.  In a real country with a discerning electorate, these guys wouldn’t dare come into politics.”
Top of Wayne’s agenda though is to remind St Lucians what Talk is all about.  He said, “Talk really is a vehicle for expressing my opinions and inspiring new thought.  I think the trouble of the shows right now is that they seem to aim to please.  They seem to want to accommodate people.  The hosts are afraid of rocking the boat.  That’s not me.”
Dispelling rumours that he had “lost his spunk,” Wayne stated emphatically, “How can any judgment be made when I have not appeared on any shows?  That is what the talk shows encourage.  I cannot harp on education enough.  And I cannot see any manifestation of it being money well spent when we are still into stupid, uninformed perceptions. We still don’t pay enough attention to facts and not just facts but verifiable facts. We are not interested.  We are still a voodoo nation.  And the talk shows accommodate that type of thing.  People call in and say all kinds of nonsense and they are given a hearing.”
He made it clear that his no-nonsense attitude when it came to some callers would remain.
“You don’t tune into a show to lecture the show host,” said Wayne. “But the show hosts in St Lucia allow it.  But you know I don’t.  I’m not going to be any different on Choice than I am known to be.”
Look out for TALK! this Sunday on Choice TV at 8:30pm.  To have a chat with Mr Wayne during the show, be sure to call in at 456-0306.

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