Eye spy ~ The Gods Must Be Crazy!

SPY-EYETo any Greek god worthy of his tutu, stealing to benefit mankind had to be the mother of all betrayals. You can well imagine, then, how pissed off Zeus was upon discovering the Titan Prometheus had stolen fire from Mount Olympus and given it to his clay creations, that sorry and useless lot also known as mankind.

Small wonder that Zeus lost it and turned this Titan’s liver into bird feed. Or so the tale goes. Remember how Cronus, father of all gods, ate most of his offspring because it was prophesied one of them would grab his throne from under him? Imagine an almighty god being driven by fear to such despicable lengths! Or when Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest, forbade the world from growing any food until Hades returned her daughter.

My personal favourite account from Greek mythology centres on the most level-headed war-hungry gods: though her jealously knew no bounds, Athena ultimately made Medusa into a demon with a serpentine head. (Quite understandably, when Arachne messed with her man, Athena turned her into a devil spider!) But then by now you must’ve got the message: whatever you do, don’t get gods angry with you. Otherwise you could end up unrecognizable—even in your own mirror.

There are Gods and then there are gods; some with their heads in the clouds and others in the beach sand.

There are Gods and then there are gods; some with their heads in the clouds and others in the beach sand.

Thankfully we have just two gods in Saint Lucia. Even more thanks for the fact that he recently got his nuts caught in a vice and turned quickly into a eunuch (some say the loss of his powers had more to do with fire water).

As for the other, well here’s hoping his latest creation plays according to the rules. Otherwise god alone knows what could happen. Think back to 2006, just to remind yourself what this god can do.
Alas, some of our next-door siblings have been feeling his wrath lately.

Pointless having a beach for every day when this hotel god is pissed off with you. Even more recent, the little island that is normally swept by crystal clear waters along the pristine powder white shores has now come face to face with the wrath of the ‘God’, and it wasn’t pretty, to say the least.

Some six hundred little creatures now have all the time in the world to figure out that little question. One thing’s for sure: there are times when coming together in union with your fellow mortals can be disastrous. You bin warned!

As much as the twin island state may need the rain, I doubt they would want the nose drop with thunder and lightning that will come with it. So don’t you dare piss off the hotelier god. I would recommend some cheeks
be kissed over a glass of Appleton rum with two cubes of ice.

We are safe here. Perhaps better than good! With children of the ‘god’ steering little Helen what could possibly go wrong? At least not for the succeeding five years.

Now our simple tribute is to keep any vagrants off the beach. He is not really happy right now and I would hate for us to be caught on the naughty list.

For the Gods must be crazy isn’t just a movie. Adios until the next time . . .

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3 Responses to Eye spy ~ The Gods Must Be Crazy!

  1. The movie is hilarious this piece isn’t . You got that right don’t piss off any Hotel God you can not afford it.

  2. dan de Lion says:

    Well you just pissed me off and those who deleted my post, how dare you allow this fly by night journalist type up whatever about God’s anointed people and we are disbarred from rebutting to the gibberish, you are the biggest hypocrite in my view, both the Star and the Voice are pissing me off.

    I will stop supporting bot of you from now on.

  3. dan says:

    Missy Elliot…..be very careful when attacking or should I say persecuting God’s anointed people.
    His Holy and peculiar people.
    Do not allow the fear of the Lord to come upon you nor allow his wrath to be kindled against you. I do not say much but I allow people to have fun in the land of the living but not interfere with us because we possess his fire and can use it when necessary.

    I am promoting my country right here in the comfort of my home, minding my own business, please mind your own as well.

    And You bin warned!

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