The Great Satan Crucified?

Prime Minister Allan Louisy (deceased), fifth from left, with his 1979 Cabinet in the grounds of Government House. Yes, that is Kenny Anthony, lean and Afro-ed. Kenneth Foster is third from the right.  All but four of those pictured have passed on.

Prime Minister Allan Louisy (deceased), fifth from left, with his 1979 Cabinet in the grounds of Government House. Yes, that is Kenny Anthony, lean and Afro-ed. Kenneth Foster is third from the right.
All but four of those pictured have passed on.

The other day, while researching an unrelated topic, I came across the following: “We tend to think of forgiveness as an act of kindness that we choose to give to some people who seem to deserve it, yet we withhold this gift from others who seem unforgiving and unrepentant. This gives us a significant sense of power.”

The above reminded me that forgiveness does far more for the giver than for the receiver. But then I also got to thinking: what if the forgiver is himself so drunk on power that he truly considers himself infallible and beyond reproach, therefore in no need of forgiveness?

Might this be the type of megalomania that motivates politicians to dish out posthumous awards in the name of former worst enemies that apparently acquired particular attributes only when they were dead and buried?

Consider the latest recipient of the Saint Lucia Cross. I can find no evidence he ever held the current prime minister in low regard. True, he had been highly critical of some of his policies. Yes, he had warned the prime minister his government was in danger of accomplishing in three years what it had taken the United Workers Party 40 years to do: wall-to-wall alienation of the people, the church and other institutions. But nothing that might be considered derogatory or untrue.

In consequence, the prime minister had declared George Odlum unfit to be a member of his Cabinet; a lousy parliamentary representative; a traitor to the cause of the Labour Party; a petty Rolex watch thief who had decided
to keep for himself several gifts to the nation. The final crown of thorns was placed on George Odlum’s absent head on the steps of the Castries market, when the prime minister declared him “the Great Satan.”

It had taken the soi-disant “last of the Mohicans” Ralph Gonsalves (Tim Hector and Odlum having drawn their last breaths) to persuade his Looshan counterpart to visit his moribund former mentor, former party and Cabinet colleague and friend.

Indeed it remains conjectural where was Odlum’s spirit by the time the reluctant visitor arrived from New York, according to a most reliable source, “to shed tears on George’s big belly.”

Days earlier, at his Marigot residence, George had confirmed my suspicion that the prime minister had been too preoccupied to visit him, not at Valhalla and not at Tapion Hospital, perchance to make their peace. In hope of comforting him, I told George I felt certain the prime minister would make time to see him. George’s head moved slowly, right to left. He smiled the saddest smile. “No he won’t,” he almost whispered. “He won’t.”

Ten years later George Odlum has, almost surreptitiously, been awarded the Saint Lucia Cross, an irony deserving of its own award. By all I had learned from my religious knowledge teachers, the one thing Satan dare not confront is a crucifix. But then, who knows about the crucifix known as the Saint Lucia Cross?

In all events, it was hardly a secret that the several offspring of Kenneth Foster QC and their broods had been led to believe the government would mark the nation’s 35th year of Independence with Foster QC receiving the
cross. Instead, he got double-crossed.

The muted word is that the committee that normally determines who among us are worthy of special recognition, having submitted Ken Foster’s name, was at the last minute over-ruled without explanation.

Which is not to say, the long-departed most recent recipient of the Saint Lucia Cross was unworthy. But what a surprise. Few Saint Lucians could have anticipated the current prime minister would posthumously honor George for his “sterling contributions to national development”—the same sterling contributions that had earned him his satanic status when all he wanted to achieve was national unity.

Just perchance some might question what Kenneth Foster QC had done to deserve the highest honor our country can bestow on a citizen, I promise some answers in a future Wayne’s Whirl.

Suffice it to say that but for Ken’s generosity, humility and love for country there might never have been a Saint Lucia Labour Party worthy of the numinous Kenny Anthony—let alone a Sir Julian!

Or the current House Speaker, lest we forget!

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8 Responses to The Great Satan Crucified?

  1. We have Lewis words..Kenny the legislator…..dereck artistic vision…..rick beating de drums….and a fed up population ….all we need is a leader……I refuse to believe that these men dreams died with them… a Lucian dream,,,,,,,,,that’s why sometimes I think that Kenny is the worse thing that ever happen to stlucia..’mmmmm the cook well qualified refuses to cook,,,,,oh well

  2. All we really need is lawmakers refined by our vote …..we the Lucian’s…..not enablers…………only the people can clean up politics cause , guess what….our politicians are our own reflection……choops

  3. That picture inspire me to write a letter to the prime minister…….dear honorable prime minister please take a look at your picture back then and remember you promised to lead ….now fix this colonial leftover rock we call stlucia…….George once wrong was right…..and ask for help..we still have Mickey…Josie and ….rick…..your…friend… two

  4. Odlum’s Defensive Article Stance On Governing Politics was aimed at the Imperialist Pestilence Clique of the country. For centuries they have waller in their monopolistic man festive wealth of which is garnered on the backs of poor St Lucians to this day. Of course, anyone with a steller hindsight knows anyone who vision Democratic Contemporary Socialism in St. Lucia are considered Satanic Adversary’s, of which is said weekly about the present prime minister, but is disguised under the Script Penmanship of Editorial Grudge( they know themselves).

  5. I am fascinated with George Odlum; I have been doing my own research on the man thanks to helpThe Elders who knew him personally. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting the man, his style of politics can be defined a “radical” almost Mugabe like in nature with a dash of Gaddafi; he refused to be a “puppet.” Yes I, he was as an atical vision air with the heart of Rasta. He and Maurice Bishop must have had a lot in common. They say John Compton was the Father of the Nation. George Odlum was The Fortitude Revolutionist for poor St Lucians, which is so badly needed . Big up and nuff strength Alva Baptise; position thy self accept the call.

  6. Ken ….Kenny …..John…..George……who will throw the first stone….maybe Julian…dereck or sir rick…….sweet words rick…sweet words…….lord thank you for history and words…….

  7. Beedie Baba says:

    Politicians are mentally ill and suffer from serious low self esteem. They are so needy that they all want the world to remember a fictitious image of their life after they have died. Now that’s serious idiocy, their whole reality is fake.

  8. dan says:

    The st. Lucian ppl must never forget the real Kenny. Kenny is a power monger – a man that always wants to be in control. Let’s not forget what he did Sarah Flood…how they mocked and ridiculed her during her house presentation on abortion. The reigns of power in this country are there for the taking however, the UWP needs to reassess it’s strategy.

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