Photos that make us take a second look

As we go through our photos there are always some that make us say “huh?” This new section will feature interesting photos of what we see throughout St Lucia every week.

Some people must have not heard about the four percent economic growth. Or photographer David Pascal took a telling photo this week of a man digging for garbage.

Michael Gaspard from GIS is also apparently a fashion expert or is it just that it pained him to see the injustice Soufriere's Mr Dalson had done to his tie?

Our photographers are fascinated by signs! Especially when the activities happening below the signs seem to contradict them, which often happens in this paradise of ours. Vendors set up shop almost anywhere and horses, well, let’s just say they know not what they do, but what about their owners? As for that other sign which we photographed pointing in a certain direction marked ‘bad people’ this is definitely not an official announcement and we hardly think all the people in the Corinth area can be labeled as such. This has more to do with mischief than anything else. Above Photos by Bill Mortley and David Pascal.

Since we started this new section there have been some very interesting photos featured here, none quite like this however. Our photographer who often finds himself in several nooks and crannies came across this house built, yes, you are seeing right, around an electricity pole. We are pretty sure the pole was there first and the structure came up around it somehow. And hopefully Lucelec and the owners of the house have some kind of agreement! (Photos by Bill Mortley)

Labour in life and death? Allan Louisy is taken to his final resting place (Photo by Bill Mortley)

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