The unconventional beauty!

Rarely do we encounter people who are bold enough to give unconventional answers. In an interview with the STAR Niser Clarke’s unique responses proved her to be unafraid of criticism and an independent thinker.

The 20-year-old Vieux Fort native is currently employed with Caribbean Dispatch Services Limited. Despite her bubbly, enthusiastic and charismatic personality her statements carried a level of clarity and intensity that very few people possess.

Her most striking statement concerned the changes she would make to the country

if she could.

Niser Clark

“This might not be the best thing to say, but I would bring back the death penalty.”

Niser went on to say, “The crime rate is escalating. People don’t feel safe. When I put myself in the shoes of people who have really suffered, I grieve for them. Then you have some of these prisoners in jail having a great time. We put people back on the streets that are still a danger to everyone around them. Capital punishment will shake them straight.”

The concept of learning centers has also been something she’s been interested in.

“Both young and old can manifest their talents and even learn basic reading and writing skills,” she tells the STAR. “We can get employers involved who can give these people employment opportunities when they have done enough training.”

The pageant hopeful credited her family for encouraging her determined and outspoken character: “My family is very supportive of what I do, as long as it is positive. They might be a bit too over protective at times but they’re always there to assist me and to ensure I take the right path.”

When asked why she decided to take part in the Miss World pageant she responded: “I have a thing for pageants. And this is one of the big ones. This is the perfect opportunity to show people who I am.”

Niser plans to study cosmetology in the near future and eventually start her own business so she can give other people employment opportunities. When she’s not working she spends time with family, goes to the beach or just hangs out with friends.

Will being unconventional help her stand out?

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