These days even rats avoid Dirt City!

Yeah, holy what da f#@k! What kind of entity would leave behind such disgusting evidence of its existence? None that you’d want to share a transit bus with, that’s for sure. Let alone permit so close to your person as to appear, er, connected to you. Know what I mean?

Dirt City!

Central Castries, Dirt City!

Hey, don’t tell me you actually know someone animal enough to dump left-overs with such reckless disregard for innocents who just might chance by, including children. You do? What did it look like? How did it smell? Did it have wings? Fangs? Was it bat-faced? Ever been near its, er, hole?

Let’s face it: even rats would steer clear of an animal this filthy! But we know animals don’t leave stuff like that behind. They gobble up everything that faintly resembles food. Or they take it underground to their nests. Yes, indeed, there’s much we humans could learn from crabs and the other supposed lesser creatures with whom we share Dirt City!

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5 Responses to These days even rats avoid Dirt City!

  1. Jerry_Can says:

    How about just disposing of garbage RESPONSIBLY? Seems everyone is missing the point; the government cannot fix everything. True, the NICE workers with big SMILES can aid in the clean-up; but there needs to be a long-term solution to solid waste!!!!!

  2. love, it says:

    To the Government of st Lucia, did you all not know, that Garbage like this brides diseases and sickness, and rat`s and more rat`s, you all are so busy taken poor people votes why can you all, not keep the community clean, we all know that you do not care about the poor people, of fair Helen

  3. I really thought that the Government of St Lucia, had health worker`s, going around, giving and putting rat poison, in desitatened places, in time`s of sir john, health worker`s would go around from house to house, it seems to me the country dose not have any money. what really going on with the political pundit’s out there, instead of making things better, for the St Lucian, YOU ALL ARE THERE PICKING ON RICHARD FEDRICK,

  4. That`s just one small article which should be given Big ! i say Big NOTICE to St Lucians plus Representing POLITICIANS to take heed of ! not just paint trees bottoms and sidewalks Thanks Rick awareness !!!

  5. Fer De Lance says:

    Kenny keep the country clean and tidy, use your NICE and SMILE to CLEAN this mess.

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