Today’s over-friendly pigeons could be tomorrow’s Birds!

Could be a corner of Trafalgar Square but clearly it’s not. The lions are missing, for one thing. Or it could be a still from the famous Alfred Hitchcock flick, The Birds. But then, how to explain the one-of-a-kind environment that could only be a Castries Street. In fact, the location is the junction of Jeremie and Chisel Streets.

birdMoreover, as can plainly be seen, the birds here pictured can hardly be called angry. Not yet anyway. Despite the growing scarcity of food, VAT-rated and otherwise, these pigeons are still able to pick up what they need from open trash cans and from folks who still persist, despite Tomas & Company, in the nasty habit of throwing away whatever their mouths no longer want, right there in the street.

On the other hand, Hitchcock’s Birds didn’t start out bad. Humans drove them crazy and then couldn’t deal with the consequences. Can you imagine coming out of your favorite restaurant or the supermarket to find yourself under attack by hungry animals, feathered and otherwise? Have you ever felt the beak of a blackbird? Hard as rock and sharp as a Masai spear. You don’t want that in your eye, or anywhere below your belt buckle, trust me.

And so, what to do? Well, for one, we better decide to put right all that’s wrong with the country and driving us all nuts. We could begin by checking the source—and dealing with it!

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7 Responses to Today’s over-friendly pigeons could be tomorrow’s Birds!

  1. Downtown Castries ! ! I had no idea there was a “downtown”. So maestro if you don’t mind me asking where does uptown begin O tidy one ?

  2. Jerry_Can says:

    Did nobody tackle what the article is talking about; throwing trash and food into the STREET! I have seen school children throw chicken bones and left over fries in the drain, passengers from vehicles throwing unwanted food outside the window. Lucians need to know how to curb the litter problem first; the birds will naturally diminish!

  3. love, it says:

    To the people of st Lucia, pigeons are vermin, and are poisons, to the health, check it out its all part of health and safety, why is the Government of st Lucia not cleaning the city.

  4. Caribguy says:

    Yes & cats cook up real sweeeeeet.

  5. Fer De Lance says:

    These semi dometicated birds a nasty, you need to introduce cats to the city, they will kill two birds with one stone, I mean they will eat pigeons and rats. You just need to be nice to the cats. The solution should always be a natural one, and not to be putting poison everywhere, cats everywhere. They would have to be well cared for.

    • love, it says:

      yea ! if it`s cats wouldn’t that not course, the tax payer`s of sweet little st lucia, more money, just think of it, do you really think that The Great Doctor Kenny Anthony, would want to dish out that kind of money, went it can all go into they pocket`s,

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