Trop Twel may very well be the secret formula for playing mass and winning!

The National Cultural Centre again sprang to life this week with the vibrant display of costumes in the annual King and Queen of the Bands Competition. Trop Twel (too much cloth) may very well be the secret to playing mass and taking home titles as proven by the Tribe of Twel. The National Carnival Queen Pageant, Junior Carnival and Inter-Commercial Competition have all been major highlight Carnival events leading up to the display of the Kings and Queens parading in their dynamically crafted costumes.

Tribe of Twel has once again set precedence winning the King and Queen of the Bands titles. Though the band members have been criticized in previous years by revellers and the public alike for using too much cloth, this has proven to be their secret weapon, or rather winning formula, as they have once again managed to claim both titles.

Augier Claims the crown for Tribe of Twel.

Augier Claims the crown for Tribe of Twel.

Eight Kings and six Queens graced the outdoor stage splendidly adorned with an array of dazzling colour and creativity, displayed through their exclusive costumes, uniquely designed and crafted to represent the chosen theme of each band. The depictions were nothing short of sensational with narrators delivering a verbal synopsis of the portrayals.

MC Scady Dot P had the task of keeping the audience entertained for the night and that he easily did, engaging those in attendance with his coy humour. In spite of the inclement weather, the audience remained undaunted and unwavering, with persons walking fully armed with umbrellas ready to deal with the sporadic showers that the night brought.

There was no shortage of entertainment with Ezra D’Fun Machine, Scooby and Jiggy performing their hit single ‘Swim My Way’. Reigning Soca Monarch King Arthur and the Evalucian band also made a grand appearance adding even more thrill to the show. The crowd received an unexpected yet welcome treat of masqueraders fully decked out in traditional costumes and cultural attire, plus stilt walkers who danced and pranced around with great ease and vibrancy, all accompanied by a live band.

Ending the night with a bang and emerging as winner was the Tribe of Twel Band with its portrayal of Ascension. With music to match the theme, the triumphant King designer Adrian Augier beautifully displayed his magnificently made costume indeed fit only for a king. Tribe of Twel made two prominent appearances with two brilliantly crafted costumes in the male and female rounds, playing mass in their grandiose costumes, festooned with intriguing detail, fully captivating the attention of the audience.

Gospel music during carnival? Tribe of Twel gave new meaning to the concept; something different but soon catching on with the crowd as people swayed to the lyrics and melodies of inspirational tracks. It will be interesting to see what Tribe of Twel will bring to both the stage and the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

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  1. Reds Posse I deh. Monday and Tuesday on the Highway. Big up to the Laborie Posse, Vieux Fort, Denary we playing mass hard yull know next year Chastanet cutting everything like he did under his watch as tourism minister try to mash up carnival.

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