TT graces local shores with an invitation to come enjoy Trinidad and Tobago

The Coal Pot Restaurant was, on June 21st, the buzzing cocktail and dinner venue for the Trinidad and Tobago Road Show which ran from June 21-23, 2016. The aim of the show was to promote the country as an affordable vacation destination, along with a range of signature services and products, accompanied by an engaging calendar of events.

The Blue Coral Mall was the second host road show venue on Thursday June 23rd, giving T&T tour operators and hotel reps the chance to present their packages to local consumers. The 10-member delegation from Trinidad and Tobago headed by Carla Cupid, marketing specialist for the island and the Tourism Development of Trinidad and Tobago, hosted the event under the theme ‘Come enjoy Trinidad and Tobago’.


Trinidad & Tobago is known for many events and festivals including carnival. But the twin-island republic is popular with tourists for numerous sites and attractions. Pictured: National Performing Arts Centre near the world famous Queens Park Savannah.

“We chose that theme because we believe that it really represents everything that is Trinidad and Tobago. Anything your heart desires in terms of wanting to experience a vacation, you can get it in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Cupid.

The home of the hemisphere’s oldest rainforest, great food and shopping are just a few reasons why one may choose to visit the island.

With several shopping malls such as the famous Trincity Mall on offer, jam-packed vacations are but a flight away.

“Trincity is the largest shopping complex in the Caribbean with over 300 stores. Port of Spain and Chuguanas are also popular for providing fantastic shopping experiences,” boasted Cupid, adding, “Trinidad is popular for fabric stores, household items, gift items and clothing accessories.”

“With the unrivalled biodiversity, excellent for nature-based and eco-tourism, Trinidad and Tobago is a must-visit destination. We have 600 types of butterflies, 450 bird species, 300 coral species, 97 native mammals, 95 protected areas, 65 endangered species and 32 nature reserves. I like to consider this as being nature’s roll-call,” Cupid enthused. “The island is sought after by persons in the field of science to come and study these species. Festivals such as carnival, partying and liming are also real crowd-pullers and good reasons to visit T&T,” Cupid concluded.

According to organisers, the nesting of leatherback turtles is something spectacular to witness, with turtles measuring up to six feet long, weighing approximately 2,000 pounds and a nesting season between March and September. Other tourist attractions of the island include architectural sites such as those in Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain, namely the magnificent seven, a row of seven well-kept, architecturally famous buildings which include the National Academy for The Performing Arts.

Apart from Trinidad’s flamboyant attractions, Tobago is not short of its own unique glamour. Its religious and historic festivals such as the Blue Food Festival and Tobago Heritage Festival are both events to which tourists look forward. Goat and crab racing around Easter time are major attractions for visitors, along with community tourism, through which tourists get the opportunity to enjoy village life. The Blue Food Festival held in October is the ultimate crowd-puller, globally renowned for the use of dasheen to create a vast range of foods such as cookies, ice cream cake and even the traditional buss-up-shots.

With plenty of flights to Trinidad and daily flights connecting persons from Trinidad to Tobago just 20 minutes away via LIAT or Caribbean Airlines, a Caribbean vacation to TT is merely a thought away.

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