Vieux Fort homicide update

Since the posting of our story involving a non national Roger Pratt, who was killed on his boat last night, police have called the STAR to place on record what they do know so far. “We do not know for a fact as yet whether Pratt died from gun shot wounds or was stabbed or died from any other injury,” police press relations officer Anel Innocent told us. “We can confirm however that he died and that a post mortem will reveal exact cause of death,” she added. She also stated that Pratt’s wife was not shot but may have been injured in the melee on the boat lat night when three men boarded with guns during the incident. Pratt’s wife has since been discharged from the Vieux Fort hospital.

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6 Responses to Vieux Fort homicide update

  1. Justice says:

    It seems increasingly simple and obvious. there is too much bacchanal and instability relating to the police force and not made any easier by the confusing roles and maybe conveniently by the powers that be. That is what happens when the force is used as a political football and crime fighting is politicized. The total crime fight must be left unhindered in the hands of the correct professionals.

    Consequence: the criminal element are studying and enjoying all what’s going on and doing what they do best. Don’t we have a justice system which has obviously totally collapsed? That’s the price we are paying.

  2. John says:

    We are coming to St Lucia from Canada,in late Feb for a vacation for the first time,We are disappointed and concerned about crime.
    We thought it was a very safe island,but after recent events,have read other news and it is a concern,we do not want to vacation,where you are not comfortable leaving your resort area,we have eliminated Mexico and Jamaica because of these reasons,the world has too much to offer,to take chances with questionable personal safety.

    John & Pat ,Canada

  3. GG says:

    Awful news . What is the Government now going to do concerning the terrible publicity? Every TV station in the UK plus all the newspapers here are carrying the story. Wonder if the family will have to wait years for answers and justice like some of us have?

  4. TomTom says:

    Why so much crime from so small an island? Why do we continue to self-destruct? Why are we killing the goose that lay the Golden Egg?
    Maybe it’s time to give up on St.Lucia.

  5. Louis Hernandez says:

    It would be interesrting why they were kept from leaving – sounds a big strange as approval can be delayed for entry most often

    Could it have been a conspiracy to keep them on island till the ‘robbery/murder’ gang was assembled?

  6. John says:

    Awful news. This is doing grave damage to a beautiful nation. You must stop these people early and permanently. The politicians currently are either cowards or are complicit in it.

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