Visitor Charged

A visitor was charged this week for wounding a local taxi driver. The incident occurred on Tuesday April 1.

Taxi driver from Marigot Moses Bertrand was on his way to drop off  the perpetrator and his wife to the Vigie airport from the Capella Hotel in Marigot Bay. It was while driving along the Mllenium Highway he said that the unexpected happened. According to Bertrand he was struck with a sharp object from the back by the male visitor. He struggled to fight off his attacker while attempting to loosen his seat belt and stop his vehicle. Bertrand who received several wounds to his face and neck was later assisted by fellow drivers who rushed him to the hospital. His wounds were attended to and he was later discharged. His attacker was taken into police custody that same day.

On Wednesday the perpetrator, 26 year old Jerry Christopher Marino of California, USA, was released into police custody from a medical institution here where he was a patient.

He was formally arrested and charged for the offence of wounding and appeared before the First District Court in Castries on Thursday, April 10, 2014.

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5 Responses to Visitor Charged

  1. MKaks says:

    So I want to know does this new mediation process, prevent people from being criminally prosecuted?

  2. Well this is what happen when you settle for other and not the Majesty Brand.

  3. j alphonse says:

    Wow..sad you not safe nowere.

  4. Caribguy says:

    I wounder what he’s been using??????

  5. MKaks says:

    this article is incomplete say what happened after he left court, if it was on hts you should be aware of it also.

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