What Next, Religious Terrorism?

I find it very disturbing to hear those doom and gloom preachers on national radio attempting to frighten, discourage and depress the nation with their messages of despair and dismay. Surely, this goes beyond freedom of speech and borders on psychological abuse, even terrorism.
“There is no hope for this country—for this world,” they cry, “unless we turn to God. Only the righteous select few will be spared the impending destruction.”
The idea that people who do not share your beliefs are subhuman, incompetent, and deserving of death is an arrogant and condescending one. It implies that human beings are totally evil, useless and helpless without supernatural intervention. It is just as ludicrous as saying that doctors who do not believe in God cannot save lives. What exactly can God do that human beings are not capable of doing on their own? Is he going to whisper ideas in the minds of our leaders or speak to them in their dreams? Every single thing that man has ever accomplished is through his own efforts, talents and intelligence. You may choose to credit God for your abilities if you wish, but it doesn’t change the fact that in order to get anything done, you must put in the effort.
If Christians believe that God has a plan for everyone, then it should be logical to also believe that everything which happens is happening for a reason, as part of that plan. What makes believers think they can influence God’s will or coerce him to modify his plan through prayer? Is God the one in charge here, or is he everybody’s errand boy acquiescing to their every request? There have always been, and there will always be good citizens praying for the leaders of this country. Does God require a specific quota of prayers before he can finally intervene? Was the famous pastor on radio implying that our ministers of government are not religious and righteous enough and therefore God doesn’t care to lend a hand at this time? How judgmental of him! I was encouraged when the radio announcer asked the pastor to provide evidence for his claim that countries which turn to God actually benefit in any way and prosper. To my chagrin, however, the dear pastor decided that he would supply as evidence, stories of Ninevah and Egypt from the bible. I mean, that is like trying to argue that Batman would be useful in helping us fight crime in our society by quoting from a comic book.
One would think that religious leaders would be a little more cautious and hesitant in this day and age to come out publicly and declare their “infallible” understanding of bible prophesy, following so many examples of “prophets” who have tried and suffered ignominy as a result. Here they are on one hand asserting that prophesy is being fulfilled, yet on the other hand, they will admit that they’re not certain as to the specifics and details.     There continues to be so many versions of bible prophesy in circulation regarding who the anti-Christ is, who will be that great emerging world leader and from which country, when the world will end—and of course, each person’s interpretation is accurate and divinely inspired. It’s either God’s communication skills are lacking, or it is his intention to leave us in the dark, confused, and perhaps have a good laugh at our expense.
Many people seem to be of the erroneous view that “turning to God” is synonymous with changing one’s behaviour. This country is filled with people who punctuate every sentence with Jesus and God; people who flock the various churches to worship ardently on a weekly basis; people who cannot even have a meal, hold a meeting, or a concert without calling on God for assistance. Yet, the behaviour of those born again people is no different from the person who doesn’t know God. There is no evidence, whatsoever, to show that when someone has God in their lives (whatever that means) that they behave any better than anyone else. As a matter of fact, research done in prisons in the US has shown that there are more Christians in prison than atheists—not that a survey was necessary to find that out, in my opinion. I am sure that the population of atheists in St Lucia pales significantly in comparison to Christians. So guess who is committing most of the crimes? As I write this article, several priests in Mexico are being investigated for child abuse and the rape of little boys— innocent boys raped by esteemed servants of God who are supposedly filled with the Holy Spirit.
So, by all means, let us all advocate for a positive change in human behaviour and for more love. That is the only way this country, and the world at large, will become a better place—only when people are convinced of the need to change. This does not necessarily happen when people turn to God, or become saved or born again, and there are just too many evil, deviant, and hypocritical religious people around to confirm that. Your beliefs, or lack of beliefs, do not make you a good person. Your behaviour does. Our government leaders and politicians may have their weaknesses, but they do not operate in isolation to what’s happening globally. They do not need religious people telling them to give up on the search for practical solutions and to just leave everything in the hands of an invisible being.
Our problems cannot and will never be erased with prayer. Let us keep the mythology and magic in the churches where they belong.

‘If Christians believe that God has a plan for everyone, then it should be
logical to also believe that everything which happens is happening for a
reason, as part of that plan. What makes believers think they can
influence God’s will or coerce him to modify his plan through prayer?’

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