Eye Spy ~ When Ms Looshan met Harry . . . or was it his Dad?

SPY-EYEFrom time to time I succumb to the temptation to visit the swamp known as “social media”, despite that there’s nothing you might dream up more anti-social. It’s my job, you understand. And sometimes it involves going where angels fear to tread. You never know when what appears to be the droppings of some biped with wings will lead to a gem of a story.

The current hot thing on Caribbean social media is the BIG VISIT. Yes, I’m talking about the imminent arrival here of the freshest of princes. Nah, not the one from Bel-Air. I refer to Mr. Cool himself. Mr. Hot Pants. Mr. wannabe Usain Bolt: Prince Harry.

The ginger-haired prince has been voted the world’s hottest male royal!

The ginger-haired prince has been voted the world’s hottest male royal!

Saint Lucia was treated to a visit from Harry’s father, Prince Charles, in 2008. Back in the day nearly everyone referred to him as Charlie. Which isn’t as cute as you might think—if you know what it is to be called a real Charlie. The story goes that Prince Charles had himself a wonderful time at a Government House party in his honour. Trust me, Charlie boy enjoyed Saint Lucian hospitality to the full extent.

And now, as if history were repeating itself, there’s more talk about Looshan ladies-in-waiting than about Harry’s official itinerary. Like father like son, you say? By all I’ve read on FB and elsewhere, the old boy in his prime couldn’t hold a candle to his son, when it comes to made-for-social media extra-curricular exploits. I am sure this time around every hair-swinging bachelorette will attempt to lose her shoe to become Prince Charming’s next Cinderella.

But tread carefully dear Looshans, unless of course you want to find yourself the centre of some anonymous story on some online paper. Then again, who knows where a telling picture of you near Harry might lead? Did I hear “de movies?” Stranger things have happened, right?

Speaking of royalty: we had a special visit this week, albeit without fanfare. Alas, the way he fumbled his words while in-house left a lot to be desired. Not that his regalness cares all that much. Last I heard he was finalising plans to lose himself in the Big Apple. Lost you? Never mind, Harry’ll soon be here. And he, after all, is the real McCoy!

Adios until next time . . .

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