Why I Don’t Give Rides to Strangers…

Only yesterday I was accused of giving rides only to females. While I am guilty as charged because I prefer to have someone in the vehicle as I travel long distances, I feel safer driving with a strange female than I would with a strange man—what with my vehicle being always full of camera equipment!

On my way from Castries to Massacre yesterday, I tried unsuccessfully to give one woman a ride. She refused, because she was going all the way into Anse la Raye and I wasn’t. Within a few yards of her however, a man stopped me and I decided to grant him the same courtesy. In retrospect, that was probably the most uncomfortable ride I have ever had in recent memory.

The guy got into the vehicle and announced that he had just returned from the United Stated where he had lived for most of his life, and he had the good fortune to have played professionally for almost all of the leading soccer clubs in England. He then went on to inform me that he was a hit man and earned his living killing people!

He claimed to have killed four people in the Boulevard this week and had killed several in Vieux Fort since his arrival here three days ago. He claims he has “wasted” about 500 people while he lived in the US. I was told that if ever I had the need to have anyone killed, he would only charge me $2000. In some cases he wouldn’t care about being paid especially if we became friends. I made a point of taking his name and number just in case I ever had such a need.

Dear reader, you can imagine the discomfort I experienced driving this man all the way from Cul de Sac to Roseau where he was en route to Mt. D’or to visit his wife. On several occasions I needed to inform him that I didn’t understand Creole in the hope that he would stop talking. I wanted to plan some sort of defense in the event he tried to attack me, and the constant talking and eventual loud singing caused me to lose my concentration. You can imagine that I will never again offer to give a ride to a male that I do not know!

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