Why no ‘Wonderful Christmas’ for Pip?

Bearing in mind the day’s differing points of view as to what’s private and what is of public concern, it was interesting to hear the prime minister, in high jovial mode, thanking the opposition for its cooperation during what was quite likely the last House sitting for the year.
The prime minister began by ritualistically acknowledging the Speaker’s contributions to parliamentary decorum. He even addressed what sounded like a private joke between himself and the MP for Micoud South, something to do with the rapport they had enjoyed at least over the last several weeks. As to his reference to wherever had been the venue for their meetings, much of what he said went over this observer’s head.
The opposition also came in for special congratulations, “despite our many disagreements.” After all, government and opposition MPs were in the last analysis “one family.”
The prime minister even made light of the very serious matter of his prediction at election time of “better days.” He said he hoped the opposition was also enjoying them, or words to that effect.
But what struck this observer like a bolt between the eyes was the prime minister’s decision not to mention the absent deputy Philip J. Pierre who, by all we’ve heard, was recently hospitalized for a week or so and is at his home convalescing.
Did it slip the prime minister’s mind to wish Pierre not only the “wonderful, wonderful Christmas” he hoped other MPs would enjoy but also a speedy recovery?
As I say, perhaps the prime minister believes the health of government ministers is strictly a private matter. That, or his memory is a lot worse than suggested by his more famous demonstrations of amnesia!

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