Will Francois Return To The Hill?

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois went on leave two weeks before the prime minister’s address on the classified IMPACS report. The Royal Saint Lucia Police has since sought to clear the smoke that quickly gathered over the vacation announcement; said a spokesperson on the matter: “The commissioner was due leave and you can well imagine that coming out of a hectic Christmas season, followed by a busy Independence celebration, that he would be tired. After all, he is human. So he would require some rest ahead of Jazz and Carnival.”

Chesterfield House, located at Upper Bridge Street, where the Police top command is housed.

Chesterfield House, located at Upper Bridge Street, where the Police top command is housed.

However, well-placed sources have informed the STAR that the Public Service Commission has been prodded into making some changes to the police structure.

During his address to the nation on March 8, the prime minister had said “Mr. Errol Alexander will continue to act as Commissioner” while Francois remained on leave.

Soon afterward the police press relations office announced “Mr. Alexander has been elevated to the rank of Acting Commissioner of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. He received a letter from Public Service Commission stating that it was effective from 9th March, 2015.”

Is it any wonder the prime minister’s address continues to fuel unsettling rumours and distrust?

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2 Responses to Will Francois Return To The Hill?

  1. Pavan Gavaskar says:

    The most effective…ever! The place was heading for the crap heap in terms of quality of life for St. Lucians. Also, the tourism industry was starting to buckle because of real bad publicity due to high crime. A lot of poor people (revandez) are thankful to the man because he staved off the collapse of the tourist industry. In essence he allowed them to continue bring food to the table. Shucks! I wish St. Lucia had a dozen of him.

    Remember Inspector Burrows from Trinidad? Older Trinidadians are still singing his praises….I know that because I work with a few of them.

  2. Poor People fed up! says:

    Mr. Francois is the best Commissioner the Police Force have ever had, this man has done nothing wrong, I know him personally and at an early age. He is reserved, disciplined and professional as well, firing him is NOT an option Mr. PM. I am advising you to reinstate him at the helm without the shadow of a doubt. Mr. Francois, I am with you, do not fear what wicked men will do to you, fear not but put you trust in Jesus. Just wait upon the Lord and see what will happen to the wicked very soon.

    St. Lucians, give your lives to the Lord, repent of your sins, get baptized and find a bible preaching church and become part of it.
    Ladies, young men, let’s make it happen and save yourselves from what is about to come into this world.

    be blessed,

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