Windjammer develops creativity


Windjammer Landing partnered with Diamonds International and other sponsors for their staff poetry contest.

Oh Jeez! I won! I won…Is this for real? Omigod, I don’t know how to express the way I’m feeling right now but I’m just so happy that I won this poetry contest. Thank you Lord, thank you judges, thank you audience…thank you everyone!”

Yes, those were the sentiments of poetry winner, Jn. Nil Albert, food and beverage waiter at the Windjammer Landing, Villa Beach Resort.

Jn. Nil started writing poetry from an early age but until recently, had never participated in a poetry competition.  When the message came through the notice board inviting staff members to participate in Windjammer’s second annual Poetry Contest, he knew it was his opportunity to take his passion for words to the next level.
Jn. Nil performed his piece called, “A Place to Be,” a topic he selected to depict the beauty of the Windjammer Landing.

This year’s competition, which was hosted at Windjammer’s conference room on Friday, April 19 saw the participation of nine contestants. The overall winner received a trophy, $300 in grocery vouchers, a Safi Kilima Tanzanite necklace from Diamonds International and a gift from the Windjammer Landing. Second place, Ronald Scott, received a trophy, $200 in grocery vouchers, a Safi Kilima Tanzanite necklace from Diamonds International and a gift from Windjammer. In third place was Talisa Decembre who won herself a trophy, $100 in grocery vouchers and a necklace from Diamonds.

Last year’s winner, Sherman Thomas, from villa sales placed fourth this year. He won a trophy and two gifts from Diamonds International, which included a gift heart necklace. All other participants received two bottles of wine compliments Windjammer and a gift from Diamonds. A ‘sophisticated Windjammer pen’ was given to participants to encourage them to continue writing poetry!

Mark Ozawa, managing director of Windjammer Landing, was pleased with the array of talent. He thanked contestants for their entry into this year’s contest and congratulated the overall winner as he presented the grand prize.

Entertainment manager Tracy Kirton gave the vote of thanks. Special mention went to Jackie Joseph, Rita Alcindor, Glenfield Gilbert, Hugh Fontenelle, and judges Dr Kentry Jn. Pierre and Sherani Augustin, among others. Master of ceremonies and coordinator, Cindy Charlemagne, thanked the audience for their support. Without their attendance, she emphasized, the show would not go on.

Windjammer pauses for a moment to express deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to sponsors including Diamonds International, Scotts Sports & Awards and the Trophy Centre.


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