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Sun, 14 Feb 2016

UK High Court declares Juffali appointment ‘spurious’ and ‘a sham!’


On Tuesday the legal editor of the London Times, Frances Gibb, tongue seemingly firmly planted in cheek, wrote the following under the banner No Immunity for Sheikh in Four Billion Pounds Divorce for Model: “Sheikh Walid Jufalli, a billionaire from … Continue reading

Pageantry graces the Main Stage in celebration of St. Lucia’s 37th Independence Anniversary


Pageantry has always been a crowd favourite here in Fair Helen and for St. Lucia’s 37th Independence anniversary, the Miss Independence Pageant promises to be all that and more. The event is among a host of activities to be held … Continue reading

Lambirds students say they feel like prisoners in St. Lucia!

Away from family, friends and loved ones now for more than a year, with hopes of returning home 
being dashed each day, scammed Lambirds students feel trapped as frustration mounts.

It’s been almost a year since the Lambirds issue first made headlines here and elsewhere. The matter involved foreign students, the majority from Asia, lured here by advertisements that turned out to be wholly exaggerated, to say the least. Acting … Continue reading

Mayor issues apology for controversial statement

Mayor issues apology for controversial statement

Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee has issued an apology to all women and the entire country following statements that seemed to link the death of a Japanese masquerader to a culture of lewdness but insists that his comments … Continue reading

Tepa And Internationa Trade Centre Join Forces To Boost Saint Lucian Exports

(L-R) Honourable Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce; 
Mrs. Arancha Gonzalez, Executive Director of ITC; 
Mrs. Jacqueline Emmanuel Flood, CEO of TEPA.

The Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) of Saint Lucia and the International Trade Centre (ITC) agreed on 10th February, 2016 to step up collaboration to boost the export capacities of the country’s enterprises. The agreement was signed by TEPA Chief … Continue reading

An Evening of Caribbean Music and Stories

L-R: Jesse Billy, Gene Lawrence, Albert Eugene and Dale St Jules in performance at Musicbox. (Photo by Elvin Ryan Germaine.)

Sold-out benefit concerts were held on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th January at Musicbox, the performance venue at Golden Palm Events Centre in Rodney Heights. In attendance on Friday evening was Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy. Proceeds were in support … Continue reading

Science Justifies Eating Fried Food (Kinda)


Vegetables in the Mediterranean diet are incredibly for you. But there’s a simple way to make them even better, both taste- and health-wise: Fry them in extra virgin olive oil. Yes: Fry them. Seriously. According to a new study from … Continue reading

Utah may declare pornography a ‘public health crisis’

Utah Sen. Todd Weiler.

Utah lawmakers are considering making it the first state to declare pornography a public health crisis, similar to cigarettes. State Sen. Todd Weiler recently introduced a legislative resolution that would recognize a range of “societal harms” from the pornography “epidemic.” … Continue reading

St. Lucian Woman Dies In House Fire In The Bronx

Firefighters investigate the firescene in the Bronx.

Two people were killed last Saturday when separate fires raged through two houses in the Bronx early that morning — the blazes less than three blocks apart, witnesses and fire officials said. The deadly pre-dawn tragedies left four others hospitalized … Continue reading

Saint Lucia loses another Iconic Figure


Yesterday, Friday February 12, 2016, the family and friends of Hildreth Sanchez SLPM (Gold), BSCE, B.Sc. M.S.E. bade him farewell as he was laid to rest at the Choc cemetery. This, after moving tributes at the La Clery parish church … Continue reading

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