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Wed, 26 Nov 2014

Gobats Cry out For Justice!

A reward of EC$250,000 is being offered for 
information leading to arrest and conviction in the murder of Oliver Gobat.

The matriarch of the Gobat family, Helen revealed yesterday that, based on the murder of her son Ollie, she now fears for her life while in Saint Lucia. Her husband ,Theo says there is “a bit more trepidation on my … Continue reading

Trade Union body agrees to three year wage freeze

The St. Lucia Trade Union Federation (TUF) which groups most of the island’s public sector unions, has agreed to a three-year wage freeze as part of efforts to help resuscitate the economy. The decision was announced in a statement earlier … Continue reading

A-M u s i n g s

Musings are thoughts, the thoughtful kind. For the purpose of these articles, a-musings are thoughts that might amuse, entertain and even enlighten.                                                                                                       Health Care As some of you may be aware, I’m a bit of a history buff, and … Continue reading

Simply beautiful . . . or paradise gone down the toilet?


Last Sunday morning following my regular Church sojourn, I took a walk around the city, which just happens to be the capital of the nation. A nation, by the way, that recently captured several tourism awards, including best honeymoon destination. … Continue reading

Will Hunter J. Francois’ legacy be “pathological liar?”

Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott (left) with his departed friends Hunter J. Francois (right) 
and George Odlum.

On Monday evening someone messaged me, referencing last Saturday’s passing of Hunter J. Francois: “I chuckled mischievously as I imagined Newsspin the morning after your demise. Bloody dead heroes society indeed!” My unexpressed reaction: How is me uh? I’m no … Continue reading

Can misery be exaggerated?

How disheartening, after all these years, to discover we still have not learned that to keep administering the same failed chembois to our worsening problems is pure madness. When will the message sink in, that to base our most important … Continue reading

Celebrating International Men’s Day

Can this year’s commemorative day for men signal a change in the way they see themselves and create a new perception in society which can be passed on to future generations?

Wednesday November 19, 2014 was International Men’s Day and, for the third consecutive year, Saint Lucia joined the rest of the world in commemorating the event. The observance, which originated in Trinidad and Tobago in 1999, has received much support … Continue reading

Has Kenny been Jadiarized?

Did Jadia Jn Pierre cross the line (again) when she verbally attacked a local store and their made for TV advertisement?

Thanks to the Mighty Sparrow—who may have eaten more white meat than was good for him—what comes to the legendary one-track mind of the Caribbean man the minute he sets eyes on a set of nicely spaced female fangs, especially … Continue reading

Former Education Minister Hunter J. Francois Passes

Hunter Francois and Sir John Compton. Theirs was never a regular relationship! (Photos by Rick Wayne)

Saint Lucia has lost another irreplaceable gem, even though the majority of us still alive never knew him. I speak of the former education minister in the time of Sir John Compton’s political prime, Hunter J. Francois. He was a … Continue reading



Depending on when you tuned in to Thursday’s TALK, hosted by Rick Wayne, on DBS, you may have formed the impression that the host had gone Christian. But hold on. Before introducing Dr. Stephen King, the night’s guest, the host … Continue reading

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