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Thu, 02 Apr 2015

UK Gobat Inquest: More Bad Publicity For Saint Lucia?

Helen and Theo Gobat with their legal representative Peter Foster (center) at a press conference here last year.

This week Saint Lucia’s name was splattered all over the international media, even as the reaction to the prime minister’s address on the IMPACS report has hardly cooled down in the foreign press. On Thursday, a number of newspapers in … Continue reading

Metaphors of Development

Thirty-six years on, a young fledgling state struggles to define and distinguish itself in a world of nation states that are much farther along the journey. Of the many states still breaking through the cocoon of infancy, Saint Lucia can … Continue reading

Lebanese proud of Saint Lucia’s Human Rights Record: Receives Nation’s Most Prestigious Award!


The following was Gilbert Chagoury’s acceptance speech at Government House last week, before specially invited guests including government and opposition officials, but no press: “I stand in honor today of this beautiful country, extremely touched by a great honor bestowed … Continue reading

St. Lucia PM condemns ‘any attempt to overthrow’ Madura!

Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony and Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Hon. Delcy Rodriguez shake hands at the opening of the ALBA Bridge in February.

The opposition United Workers Party in Dominica has called on the island’s government to stay out of the quarrel between the United States and Venezuela, if only in the best interests of thousands of America-based nationals. The UWP leader Lennox … Continue reading

LIME Francophonie Spelling Bee Champs

Spelling Bee Champ Darla Willie collects her Lenovo Laptop from LIME representative Sharlene Jn Baptiste. (Photo by Jerry George)

The participants in the 2015 Secondary Schools Francophonie Spelling Bee have all come in for high praise from LIME following the successful conclusion of this year’s competition. St. Lucia’s leading telecommunications provider was a sponsor of the event hosted by … Continue reading

Can Broke Saint Lucia send Scammed Students Back to India?

Even though the three men arrested in the Lambirds Academy controversy have been charged with human trafficking—not with fraud—the local media continue to refer it as “the Lambirds Academy Scam” and Lambirdsgate. “That’s because the authorities have a greater chance … Continue reading

Francophone Day Celebrated in Song

Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott (l) meets Bruno Stéfani, director of Alliance Française de Sainte-Lucie.

March 20th ushered in La Journée International de la Francophonie and another celebration hosted by The French Embassy, in collaboration with Alliance Française de Sainte Lucie. The invite only guest list included Governor General, Dame Pearlette Louisy; Secretary-General of the … Continue reading

Virgin Richard Branson Climbs Piton

A satisfied Branson after his adventurous climb.

Icon entrepreneur and Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson recently climbed Saint Lucia’s Piton and has blogged about it. On the Discover Virgin webpage Branson wrote “I am a big believer in taking on an opportunity when it presents itself. If … Continue reading

Medical & Dental Association introduce program with Mors CE Services

Rosula Morgan Senior Dental Hygienist.

Her name is Rosula Morgan, Rossie to friends, family and the Ottawa community she serves in Canada. She left Saint Lucia in 1979 to pursue a career in dental hygiene and has been practising for over 30 years. Her dream … Continue reading

Digicel Equips Micoud Secondary School’s LRC

Digicel delivers to Micoud Secondary.

St. Lucia: In keeping with Digicel’s commitment to the advancement of education in St. Lucia, the company on Wednesday March 18th equipped the Micoud Secondary School’s newly refurbished Learning Resource Centre (LRC) with fourteen computers. The Micoud Secondary School’s Learning … Continue reading

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