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Sun, 28 Aug 2016



There have been few pronouncements by the leader of the previous administration more ominous, haunting, and yes, scarier, than his casually delivered pre-election prediction that “whoever forms the next government will have to deal with the IMPACS Report.” He, more … Continue reading

Thousands take PineHill Walk!


The island’s largest one-day participatory event was declared a success by organizers at the end of the 17th annual Pinehill Fun walk. This year, over 5000 participants took over the island’s main highway as they walked at varying speeds from … Continue reading

Encounters of the Supernatural Kind!

Supernatural occurrences in St. Lucia have long existed, many unexplained encounters. Skeptics may question these occurrences but those who have had personal encounters can truly identify.

Dale Elliott is popularly known for his show Untold stories. What many may not know is that he started his working life as a DBS reporter at 18. Three years later he turned to what he believed would be a … Continue reading



Tomorrow, the “Artists for Leebo” movement will host the “Leeboration” concert at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground from 2pm. A showcase of the works of Francis “Leebo” De Lima will feature three live bands and a stellar cast of close … Continue reading

Problems in Paradise

A-M u s i n g s

Musings are thoughts, the thoughtful kind. For the purpose of these articles, a-musings are thoughts that might amuse, entertain and even enlighten.

During the regime of Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Republic of China from 1928 to his death in 1975, national history in school textbooks dealt with the glories of China’s past; Taiwan was merely a temporary refuge for Chiang’s … Continue reading



Politics is often described as an art; which is to say, it is not a precise science that demands accurate measuring, and predictable results. In other words politics is as unpredictable as it is imprecise. The cynic may even suggest … Continue reading

More serial rapists in our midst!

Have we normalized the abnormal in Saint Lucia? Some insist we’ve arrived at the point of no return, with our young citizens being the easiest prey!

The hand held alarm has been sounded. Someone has chartered into forbidden territory. But it is the guardian of the gate. The bell is rung so softly, that no one really realizes the depths at which he has grasped. An … Continue reading

Eye Spy ~ Around the World in 100 Days


Lately I’ve been poking around my collection of childhood novels with a strange feeling that I am missing the presence of someone I am really never around, but somehow know that they should be around. During my novella nostalgia, I … Continue reading

Sugar shock: How much added sugar is hiding in your kid’s favorite foods?


Do you know how much sugar your kids are eating? Probably not — and the American Heart Association is trying to change that. U.S. children eat three times as much added sugar as they should, according to the AHA. To … Continue reading

When did living in paradise become so expensive?


It is possible for a person to be in two places at once. It is also entirely plausible that same person can feel the need to be somewhere only because they are somewhere else. Weren’t we the ones who gave … Continue reading

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