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Thu, 26 Nov 2015

IMPACT Justice Workshop To Discuss IMPACT Justice Update To CARICOM Sexual Harassmentent Bill


The Canadian Government-funded project Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) is hosting a workshop to discuss its update of the CARICOM Model Sexual Harassment Bill. The CARICOM Bill was drafted in 1996. IMPACT Justice, which is a … Continue reading

Commemoration of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”

NO! To violence against women

Commemoration of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women” is scheduled for Wednesday November 25th, 2015. In our continued efforts to bring public awareness to violence against women and children, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia joins the rest … Continue reading

Police Officer assaulted with firearm during traffic check

Police are held at gunpoint

On Monday, November 23, 2015 about 5:20 p.m. officers attached to the Traffic Unit were on mobile patrol in Balata, Babonneau area when they signaled motor car registration number PJ 5391 to stop. The driver of the said vehicle complied … Continue reading

Reggae Artiste Nelly Stharre Found Dead in Dominica

Nelly Stharre

ROSEAU, Dominica, Aug 20 2015 – Dominican reggae artiste Nelly Raffoul, who uses the stage name “Nelly Stharre”, was found dead here Wednesday evening. Sources have confirmed to Caribbean News Service (CNS) that Stharre’s burnt remains were among two bodies … Continue reading

Commissioner ordered to protect PM’s alleged police spies from Operation Restore Confidence task force! – Francois Parties with Police Pals!

Writings on the Wall: by Rick Wayne

Retired police commissioner and twice STAR Person of the Year Vernon Francois certainly isn’t crying over spilled milk or, for that matter, over what the prime minister spilled during a televised address on the evening of 8 March this year—including … Continue reading

Police celebrate Police Week by seeking to “Bridge the Gap” with the public

The RSLPF is stepping up efforts to improve the perception of the force during Police Week.

“Bridging Today’s Gap Through Stronger Police Interaction” is the theme for this year’s Police Week. And despite being surrounded by dark clouds following the prime minister’s revelations of a “damning” IMPACS report, the programme of activities is intended to bring … Continue reading

STAR publisher declares porn horrible!

Father Linus Clovis: He went with Rick Wayne where no priest has gone before!

With the recent spike in reported cases of rape in Saint Lucia, outspoken Catholic priest Fr. Linus Clovis had his say on the matter. He blamed the incidents on easy access to pornography by young people and children. Clovis said … Continue reading

Walcott introduces author of Magpiety!

SHE Caribbean publisher and STAR MD Mae Wayne with 
Nobel laureate Derek Walcott.

Never before had I encountered a more animated and excited Derek Walcott. Our only living Nobel laureate was clearly in his element on Wednesday evening when he played host at a book launch, at Jambe Du Bois on Pigeon Island. … Continue reading

A.M.M.A – A modeling agency casting call

Some of the A.M.M.A. Models.

If you are interested in the modeling, fashion and promotion field, and looking for guidance, then you are in luck: A.M.M.A. reopened castings effective November 18th. Interested persons must submit a full body image and a headshot to or … Continue reading

A Constitution can be written on the Back of a Postage Stamp

It is to be noted that that fundamental principle of ‘distributive justice’ 
in our constitution came after an affirmation of “faith in the supremacy of the Almighty God”, the first principle in the Preamble.

God Almighty first framed a constitution. He made it in the form of Ten Commandments inscribing them with His own finger on two tablets of stone. There is no better template. The same were stamped on the fleshy tablets of … Continue reading

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