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Thu, 05 Mar 2015

Canadian National Charged

On Monday, March 2, 2015, 33 year old, Sahab Jamshidi was formerly charged for the offence of Causing Death by Gross Negligence or Recklessness. Jamshidi, a Canadian National was arrested by Police in connection with the drowning death of 4 … Continue reading

From 1971 to 2015: How far have we come?


I had only recently set up residence in New York in the early Sixties when I eagerly accepted an invitation to lunch on a Saturday with my publisher and mentor Joe Weider, alas now dearly departed. Afterward, he purposefully offered … Continue reading

Boundaries Commission v Guy Joseph Have instructions returned to plague the inventor?


In January 1992 House Speaker Wilfred St. Clair Daniel, chairman of the Constituency Boundaries Commission, invited Thomas Walcott, chairman of the opposition Labour Party, to a meeting “for the purpose of receiving certain proposals that a member desires to submit … Continue reading

Is Revenge Porn Too Hot For Lawmakers?

While we wait for updated laws to deal with Cyber-bullying and “Revenge Porn” we need to open up the discussion by talking to our boys and men and letting them know that it is not OK to abuse the trust of someone they are intimate with. They need to be held accountable and we need to stop victim-blaming and empathize with our women and advise them on making better choices.

It was in 2006 that photographs of copulating Saint Lucian women and men (the men’s faces always out of camera range) went viral. We were not yet hooked on Facebook. BBM, MSN Messenger and Hotmail were still quite popular and … Continue reading

Spate of Holiday Drownings -Renewed Calls for Lifeguards


This year alone, four people have drowned at our local beaches. Following the most recent drowning on Sunday, there have been renewed calls for greater vigilance on our beaches. Increasingly people having been pleading with the government to take seriously … Continue reading

Mary Stays!


Embattled CSA President Mary Isaac will remain as President. The verdict was delivered on Thursday when members voted, in a unanimous decision, to allow Mary Isaac and her executive team to continue to serve the organization. There had been calls … Continue reading

Digicel Appoints New Country Manager


Digicel, in keeping with its mandate of employee development and growth, today announced the promotion of Holly Hughes-McNamara to Regional CEO for St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada, and Siobhan James-Alexander to the position of Digicel St. … Continue reading


This year, the RISE Film Festival celebrates its third anniversary as a visible presence on St. Lucia’s annual calendar of events. The festival, which debuted in February of 2013, has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, … Continue reading

Opposition leader: We Must Improve What We’ve Inherited!

Independence anniversary celebrations in Saint Lucia have become synonymous with artistic displays showcasing our national colors. Beneath the rich tapestry of yellow, black, white and cerulean blue, lies the indomitable strength of a people whose resolve and resilience are etched … Continue reading

St. Lucia slated as venue for 2-day Dental Event

Canadian-based Saint Lucian, Rosula (Rossie) Morgan, Head of operations and founder of Mors CE Services rallies more support from the local dental community as the date of a major dental symposium draws near. In association with the St. Lucia Medical … Continue reading

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