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Thu, 18 Dec 2014


Host Rick Wayne (extreme right) with his guests Danicius Phillippe (centre) and Lashawn Lambert 
on last Thursday’s TALK.

Those who will not reason are bigots, wrote the poet Lord Byron. Those who cannot reason are fools, and those who dare not reason are slaves. To argue with such individuals, adds Thomas Paine, “is like a doctor administering medicine … Continue reading

Pricey Bridge Opening

Iris Macauldy surrounded by more politicians and supporters than is witnessed on an election night, cuts the ribbon to declare the Bois D’Orange bridge officially open.

The opening ceremony drew 10 ministers of government and the senate. Construction and works took over 11 million dollars and 12 months for the project to come to fruition, and on Tuesday December 9, the Bois D’Orange Bridge was finally … Continue reading

Petition to Save Trouya Beach Submitted

Will Trouya beach be saved?

When Compton had dared to tamper with “sacred” ground between the Pitons to allow for the development of the Jalousie project, from out of nowhere sprung Saint Lucia’s first environmental group. Perhaps inspired by Walcott’s angst in poetry about the … Continue reading


Lashawn and Dani, last week’s guests on TALK: Little did they know that much would be made about their debut appearance.

Last Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest on what is the most-discussed episode of TALK with Rick Wayne. You could say I was the nameless other guest. I was the first to arrive at the surprisingly … Continue reading

Will Kenny bow for Gobat’s sake?

Dominic Raab, British Conservative MP: He is calling on the British Government to assist Saint Lucia in solving Ollie Gobat’s murder, by first dialoguing with Saint Lucia’s prime minister.

In last weekend’s STAR we broke the news that the United Kingdom police authorities had joined the US and suspended all assistance to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. While the US State Department’s suspension is based on allegations of … Continue reading

Kenny declares war on Chastanets!

SLP leader and prime minister Kenny Anthony: At his party’s latest convention he didn’t miss a beat—or did he?

I would not be at all surprised to discover most Saint Lucians under eighteen have not the slightest idea who was George F. L. Charles, let alone that Henry Giraudy was chairman of the United Workers Party for most of … Continue reading

Will an Apple A Day Keep Dr. Jimmy Away?

Last Sunday I was caught between watching the graduation ceremony of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s convention, both of which were broadcast live on television. I caught some of what SLP’s guest, Denzil … Continue reading

Gobat: Did Foster QC count Chickens ahead of hatching?

Speaker of the House and QC Peter Foster speaking at a news conference last week.

Last week the Gobat family summoned the media to a press conference at their plush Cap Maison Hotel at Cap Estate. A member of the British press was also in attendance when a reward of EC$250,000 for information leading to … Continue reading


The New Dierre Morne Bridge in Vieux Fort South.

Prime Minister Hon Dr. Kenny Anthony will join the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport on Monday 1st December, 2014 in officially opening the Dierre Morne Bridge, located in his constituency of Vieux Fort South. This comes just weeks … Continue reading

Will St. Lucia follow St. Kitts?

Prime Minister Denzil Douglas: What role will he play in Saint Lucia this weekend?

Where would we be today without dirty Taiwanese money? Dirty according to the MP Moses JnBaptiste when he was in opposition. Where would we be, had the good Taiwanese people not recognized the stupidity that had led MP Harold Dalson … Continue reading

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