About Us

Established in 1987 by Rick Wayne OBE (in Journalism) and wife Mae Wayne, the Star Publishing Company Limited is without a doubt the largest publishing & printing house in the OECS. It was the belief of the publishers that in order to be truly competitive and FREE in the publishing business you must own your presses, which is the foundation for the success of Star Publishing!

The Star was founded initially to solely publish its own publications, but quickly grew into one of the largest and most modern automated printeries in the Caribbean, with clients throughout the region. Our success has been attributable to the combination of understanding publishing and its effectiveness when deadlines are met, especially news-stand dates!

We are the publishers of the following:

The St. Lucia Star Newspaper, which is published once weekly on Saturdays. The STAR is the most talked about newspaper on the island and always strives to “Bring The Truth To Light.” An exciting addition to the STAR Newspaper, has been “Sports & Health Magazine”, which is a local health, fitness and sports magazine.

Traveller Magazine, which is the FREE guide into St. Lucia. A major hit with tourists visiting the island and shipped to most major travel trade shows.

Our Company Profile:

Headed by Managing Director Mae Wayne (BA-University of San Diego) who is backed by 30 years of printing and publishing experience in the USA and Caribbean alike. The Star Publishing Company employs a total of 53 trained and grossly experienced professionals all combining innovation, ingenuity, competence and dependability, technical know-how and sheer good taste in the production and publication of all our projects.

Publishing is our business!

Star Publishing Company also offers general printing services, from concept design and full colour printing, lamination, perfect binding and much more. We are proud to boast the most advanced publishing and printing facility in St. Lucia.

For all of your printing, advertising and media needs contact us.