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Sun, 30 Apr 2017

Hard-wired for Monogamy?

Afew days ago I was schooled on love. Through another friend’s intervention I was reminded of what it was, what it wasn’t, and all the things most people only imagine it to be. For once I wasn’t the one in … Continue reading

STAR Trivia

We’re off to another week of STAR Trivia and we’d like to know what you remember about the circumstances surrounding this photo. A special thank you to all who’ve been sending us responses to our trivia challenges, and we encourage … Continue reading

“The Best Little Jazz Show In Town” Returns in 2017

In May 2016, SEAFARI St Lucia and renowned Saint Lucian guitarist Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson produced the inaugural ‘Voices on the Bay/Boo, Jazz and Big Chef’ music celebration – a week of specialty live music events held in observance of the … Continue reading

Budget Week Brings Climate Change into Focus

As many of us know, Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy presented the annual throne speech to the House of Parliament and the citizens of Saint Lucia on Tuesday April 25. As one of the concerns of ‘Building a … Continue reading

Jamaicans Who Gave Sterling Service To Saint Lucia, Ronald ‘Speedy’ Miller… A 5ft. 6in. Giant (part one)

From all external appearances, Ronald ‘Speedy’ Miller, known to many simply as ‘Speedy’, was a small man compared to the average Saint Lucian or, indeed, to the average man in Jamaica from whence he came. Speedy was employed by the … Continue reading

What’s Up with FB’s Dueling Local Musicians?

I have come to realize that porn, sex scandals, fake news, half-baked lies and outrageous fabrications -especially related to politicians – get the most hits on Facebook. A recent brouhaha involving some local musicians underscored this. This time around, however, … Continue reading

The Price of Entry

Irecently stumbled across an interesting dataset compiled by Allison Christians during her research for a new working-paper entitled “The Price of Entry”. Allison Christians is an established tax lawyer and the H. Heward Strikeman chair in taxation law at McGill … Continue reading

Local Banks can Learn Much From Dogs!

Banks in Saint Lucia continue to increase fees and charges for services while they remain complacent. Are the banks counting on continued silence from customers? Last week I had reason to visit one bank’s ATM and saw the following notice, … Continue reading

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