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The mysterious death of a culture salesman

The affable Rufus Charles: His death in the 
community of Bouton has raised several questions.

In the company of a lady friend recently returned home after several years in the United States, photographer Bill Mortley and I paid a visit to Bouton on Tuesday, January 13. She was in awe of the surrounding greenery as … Continue reading

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How comforting are the latest crime figures?

ACP Alexander, Police Commissioner Vernon Francois, acting Deputy 
Commissioner Frances Henry at Press Conference on Crime Stats Wednesday.

Try to imagine the universal reaction if during his most recent State of the Union address President Obama had said: “Every night before we go to bed Michelle and I pray for divine intervention in the Middle East and for … Continue reading

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oil dropshutterstock_233498950

I wish to add my voice to the ongoing discussion about fuel prices in Saint Lucia. The problem is fundamentally the period of time that government is using as the basis for its “proxy” CIF price, i.e. twelve weeks over … Continue reading

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Was New Year Message All About da IMPACS Bomb?

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony: Will he ever learn the wisdom in not postponing to another time what can be done today?

On Sunday evening as I observed the nation’s prime minister delivering his pre-recorded ritual New Year message, I was reminded of Abraham Lincoln. At any rate, I recalled the famous sick joke about the revered U.S. President’s 1885 assassination while … Continue reading

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A-M u s i n g s

Musings are thoughts, the thoughtful kind. For the purpose of these articles, a-musings are thoughts that might amuse, entertain and even enlighten.                                                                                                       Dental Scare Several readers have been kind enough to comment on a recent A-Musing in which I … Continue reading

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Today Thermal Energy, tomorrow Rolling Stock!

This is my third publication on the exploration of thermal energy. In the case of the actual exploration which the government has finally implemented – the four-lane highway from Massade Gros Islet to Vieux Fort – the government has ignored … Continue reading

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Move over Joey, there are new orators of biblical proportions in town and they have been stirring up a whole lot of “holy” noise in Constitution Park lately. Their self anointed leader is by all accounts Bishop . . . … Continue reading

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