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Where Have All The Facebucks Gone?

At least the kids will listen from time to time. Let’s hope they don’t get a Facebook account anytime soon.

Istill don’t get how fake news could have proved so effective that it’s being credited with placing Donald Trump in the White House. Suddenly the idea that this is knowledge generation with access to whatever it needs to know at … Continue reading

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When Will Commuters and Bus Operators Have a Real Terminal?

Will a terminal for public transportation turn out to be an impossible dream?

There can be no denying the importance of a public transportation system. Despite the hundreds of new vehicles that annually jam our roadways, the majority of Saint Lucians simply cannot afford their own transportation. While the availability and regularity of … Continue reading

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Sports Icon Plays His Last Match!

After almost 48 years in the sporting world, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira will be known as one of the most recognized voices in cricket broadcasting.

On the day Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira was to broadcast his final cricket match in Saint Lucia before settling into retirement from broadcasting, we sat together at a popular Rodney Bay café while he reminisced about the several countries he had … Continue reading

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How Many More Diabetics Will Die For Lack Of Proper Medical Attention?

Recently, Minister for Health and Wellness, Senator Mary Isaac disclosed that the government is aware of the acute situation regarding the over-use of the dialysis machines.

Woe betide you should you be diagnosed with a serious illness in a island devoid of the most basic of medical resources or where treatment is available but beyond your means. Saint Lucia is one such place. The majority of … Continue reading

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NHC $2 million in debt it cannot finance!

Timothy Mangal: The new chairman of the National Housing Corporation says   the statutory body is in deep financial crisis.

Timothy Mangal, the National Housing Corporation’s new chairman, announced this week that the institution he inherited is in debt up to its eyeballs. Consequently it suffered a lack of technical staff and a number of, what he referred to as, … Continue reading

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Will Libel Suit Blow Open IMPACS Secrets?

Former Prime Minister and constitutional law lecturer Kenny Anthony (left): Will his comments in relation to Operation Restore Confidence come back to haunt him?

It is an indisputable truth that the combined efforts of the 28-member European Union and the United States, on whom this nation has long depended for its security, a fact unforgettably underscored by the prime minister in national addresses delivered … Continue reading

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Bonne Terre Preparatory School Fundraising Cocktail Event: ‘O Starry Night’


The Bonne Terre Preparatory School was the vision of a private educational institution with small class learning environments. The school’s founder Jennifer Alexander was attempting to fulfil the need to provide private education in the north of the island. The … Continue reading

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The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is rewarding destinations in the region that are demonstrating that sustainable tourism products and services are viable and exciting travel options for visitors to the region. Individuals, groups, organizations and companies in any of the … Continue reading

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Taiwan conducts Taiping Island humanitarian rescue exercise


The Republic of China (Taiwan) Coast Guard Administration and other agencies jointly carried out a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise in Taiping Island and in its relevant waters on November 29, 2016. The exercise involved three aircrafts, eight vessels, … Continue reading

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Digicel Gifts Over 350 Kids With Special Needs


Digicel continues to maintain its strong alliance with the Special Needs community in St. Lucia with the hosting of its annual Festival of Fun Day. The festival coincides with the International Day for Persons with Disabilities observed on December 3 … Continue reading

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SLASPA Welcomes New Port Police Recruits


After months of operating understaffed, the Port Police Department has received some much-needed support to their team. Earlier this week SLASPA held their Port Police Recruit Introductory Programme at the Authority’s Conference Room to introduce new members to the department. … Continue reading

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DSH Developer Worries Project Could Create More Jobs Than There Are Workers


Last Friday government officials and the island’s other movers and shakers, along with the more prominent residents of Vieux Fort attended the sod-turning ceremony of the Royal Turf Club at Beausejour. The RTF is the horse-racing track aspect of the … Continue reading

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Saint Lucian to receive special award from Her Majesty The Queen


Every year, The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme recognizes and celebrates exceptional young people aged 18 to 29 in the Commonwealth who are driving change within their communities and transforming people’s lives. This year 60 young people from across the Commonwealth … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Involved!


Charity is one of the noblest tasks one can do in their life. What is charity you ask? Voluntarily providing goods, services, or even a bit of your time to the less fortunate, or anyone in need. Typically, this sort … Continue reading

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The Autobiography of My Mother – Jamaica Kincaid


My reading this week moved back to one of the Caribbean’s most luxuriant writers in my opinion. Many West Indians may know about Jamaica Kincaid’s infamous literature from studying the title “Annie John” in secondary school. I assure you “The … Continue reading

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Hospitalized, Handicapped, Homeless . . . But Hopeful!


That was the status message Raquel Harris shared with the world via Facebook, coming out of one of the periodic bouts of silence those close to her had grown accustomed to after months of recovery following a vehicular accident in … Continue reading

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Still his head remains unbowed

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet pictured earlier this week at the posthumous tribute of Cubans to Fidel Castro in front of José Martí Memorial of the plaza of the revolution in Havana.

My first thought on the passing of Fidel Castro, former president of Cuba, was that he died with his head unbowed. The man who led a successful revolution against the corrupt Batista regime had every reason to be proud. He … Continue reading

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Saint Lucia: What’s Our Goal?


Goal-setting has played an integral role both in my personal life and my career, and provided me with useful frameworks for deconstructing the different components of success within larger, more complex constructs. As a young boy, I was introduced to … Continue reading

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