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2nite Magazine, 1 Aug 2015

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Star Newspaper Aug 1, 2015

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House Speaker Responds to Question of the Year!

House Speaker Peter Foster QC: Sometimes he’s right, sometimes not. 
Still the decision in all cases “shall lie within the discretion of the Speaker and shall not be open to challenge.”

Several days before forget-your-troubles-and-dance, more or less organized bibulous revelers took to the city’s streets in their transparent skimpiest, our predictable MPs somehow got into the carnival mood while sinking the country even deeper into irreversible debt. In the process … Continue reading

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Will the Caribbean Reparations Initiative Inspire a Revitalization of the US Movement?

University of the West Indies Professor Hilary Beckles continues to lead the charge for reparation.

Picture this scene. It was almost surreal, improbable just a few years ago: a room filled with presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers from the fifteen-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM), all listening with rapt attention, several nodding in agreement, as Professor … Continue reading

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Baron Foods poised to enter Cuban market

Baron Foods Managing Director, Ronald Ramjattan.

Saint Lucia’s leading manufacturing company, Baron Foods Limited, is poised to lead the way for other local manufacturers to enter the Cuban market. Five Baron Foods products have already been accepted by the Spanish territory. Managing Director of Baron Foods, … Continue reading

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Numbers deny slavery holocaust claims

Was the African slave trade comparable to the Jewish Holocaust?

One of the reasons why it is being claimed that there was a holocaust during slavery is the number of slaves sent to the British Caribbean compared to the number of slaves who were alive in 1834. The “small” fraction … Continue reading

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Monster Creation 101 – When Parents Refuse to Parent

Who are the real monster creators in our society?

The perpetration of the most heinous crimes can stir up undesirable feedback from parts of our society while inspiring in some of us the most passionate responses. The recent discovery of the body of Yana Auguste has prompted much dialogue … Continue reading

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The In PsyDA Perspective: When is Therapy Necessary?

The decision to seek professional assistance from a psychotherapist is often daunting. Even today, with the perpetuating misconception of mental illness, therapy and/or counselling are still regarded by many as only necessary for ‘crazy people’, referring to individuals who exhibit … Continue reading

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Cerebral Palsy Association benefits from German Small Grant Funding ?

The Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs Karolin Troubetzkoy, recently visited the Sure Start Pre-School in Sans Souci to view first-hand some of the equipment purchased for The Cerebral Palsy Association of Saint Lucia. This funding was … Continue reading

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