A Rising Star for Junior Calypso 2012 from the Ciceron Secondary School

I am fifteen year old Cassie Emmanuel, a citizen of St Lucia currently residing at Grand Riviere Dennery, currently on my third year at the Ciceron Secondary School. I was born on the 8th of December, and created by the most high (God) with the talents of dancing, writing and singing. I am the second of three siblings. Although singing was my top priority, I was first given the opportunity to show my talent of dance.
At the early age of 9 years, I began dancing with “Vessels of Honor”, at the Dennery Evangelical Church. I really enjoy dancing for the Lord despite the fact that it is very challenging and requires a lot of discipline. Whilst ministering in dance, I eventually created an interest for singing, and took every opportunity to minister in song at the church. I must tell you there were moments where I really drove my mom on edge with rehearsals and repetition of songs. In spite of these dreadful moments, my mom encouraged me and would sometimes ask me to sing to her. My mom is my biggest inspiration, that is, after my Heavenly Father, you know. She has always been there for me during my journey of ups and downs.
During my spare time I usually listen to music, socialize and write poems. Well, like some people, I write to express myself in a more harmless manner. I am a very respectful individual, in a world of my own. Usually on weekends I enjoy going to the cinema, or going out and socializing with friends, family and even meeting new people. As well-rounded as I am, I would classify myself as an adventurous, bold and softhearted individual, one of a kind.
Sometime last year, my class got the opportunity to conduct assembly and when we were planning, I decided to sing. At first I was a bit nervous, because it was my first performance at school, but then I got the confidence from my friends. Amazingly, by such a powerful voice and performance from me, the choir teacher suggested that I join the group, and with no doubt I did. I must say from being an ordinary singer, joining the choir, opened doors for me.
I performed at the school’s Graduation, pageant and show, and gained the support of my colleagues and Administration. Since then I’ve been one of the school’s known singers. The Ciceron Secondary School has given me more than one great reason to represent them. A few days before school was closing for the Easter break, a teacher announced that there was a Junior Calypso competition coming up, and I personally love everything to do with singing. So I signed up for it, and went to audition. By God’s powerful hands I made it to final auditions, and then was chosen to be the lead singer for “Dame and Knight.” I couldn’t believe that for my first time trying out, I actually made it to compete and be a representative for my school.
Mr Lubin, on the other hand, made me rehearse over and over, until I got every word correct. Then with the words mastered by me, I got the opportunity to record it at one of the studios. I would never imagine me, going that far with the song. My classmates however, supported me throughout my performances and I am thankful that they did, because they all in a special way contributed to all that I have gained. I not only see myself in this music industry, but also as an architect and I.T. technician with the necessary qualifications in the future. By the grace of God, by the year 2019 I would have graduated from University with my Masters Degree in Technology, and be managing my own business.          I, Cassie Emmanuel, will remain as a role replica to some people, and even more to others.
To every young person out there, you don’t have to be a professional to start singing, dancing or writing. You can’t start as a professional. I started step-by-step and so can you young people do. If you have talents, use them. If you are afraid, then make God be your witness and gain confidence, because it takes discipline to become a professional. Not only will you find supporters, but you will find people who won’t support you. Don’t enervate yourself by people’s slander. Instead rise and build your self confidence.
So I encourage everyone to listen to my calypso song entitled ‘Dame and Knight’ in honour of teachers. It can be heard on all radio stations and on the internet at the following address http:Lubs-edu-time.blogspot.com?Music?Riddim. Also, I want everyone to come down to the National Cultural Centre Grounds on the 9th of June to support me as I sing this song at the Junior Calypso competition.
—Cassie Emmanuel

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