A time for God, demons and skulls?

A time for God, demons and skulls?

The human skull was found near this house in Ravine Toutelle.

Not since carnival in Saint Lucia was so unceremoniously uprooted from its pre-lentern period to July, that we have had so much talk of church, bible, religion and God here during the lentern period which many Christians view as the most religious period. This is the forty-day period leading up to Good Friday ahead of Easter—the day Christians believe Jesus Christ was crucified. Minus carnival, which once traditionally preceded Ash-Wednesday the start of lent, the period has not had much prominence here. Maybe not until this year thanks to a ‘prophet’ and normally silent members of the God squad.
And so I dare say that Father Biscette and Monsignor Anthony should both be grateful to Prophet Braham for unwittingly charging many Saint Lucians to suddenly recall their Sunday school teachings during this period. Nonetheless, even the talk shows have gone “God hunting” including Tim Poleon’s NewsSpin and Newsmaker Live, TALK on DBS as well as Russell Lake and Andre Paul of Helen 100. Hey, even Rick, from seas yonder, has admitted to being on his never ending quest for answers to explain the maker of his human fragility, now so more than ever.
But where there is good there may be evil and if God exists then so does the devil the “Good Book” informs. Problem is that here in Saint Lucia it is never quite clear which side we are on, even though we claim to be a Christian society. “So then exactly what portion or part of that is good if there is so much evil in this land?” a local Bishop asked during a sermon last year.
No doubt a human skull found at Marchand this week may not have the answers as dead men (or women) tell no tales. The skull, which was discovered by a family at Ravine Toutelle Tuesday, is believed to have been a part of a voodoo ritual meant to harm the family. Samantha Trenton, a worshipper of the Bethel Tabernacle told the STAR that the skull was found in a sack near her grandmother’s house. “My boyfriend went to check and he came back and told me and I called the police who came right away,” she told us. However, when the police came to take away the skull which was on her grandmother’s property, the elderly woman allegedly threatened Trenton, saying that the skull was placed there for her. “My grandmother has had problems with my dad and family for years and we have not been on good terms,” Trenton informed us. She also claimed that her grandmother threatened to kill her Tuesday in the presence of the police when they came to take away the skull. She told us she took the threat seriously and has made a formal report but also asked us, “Is there a law against persons practicing witchcraft?” “Not that I know of,” I responded.
On Friday, Inspector Faucher of the Marchand Police station confirmed that his department was called in Tuesday to investigate the discovery of the human skull. “We cannot confirm how recent it is however it has been passed on to our crime scene investigators,” Faucher told the STAR.
This is not the first time in recent past that human bones have been found in areas other than the cemetery. During the Lentern period here besides the prevalence of praying, fasting and worshipping it has also been known for a period of increased voodoo and the creations of “boloms” as many folkloric tales would suggest. In recent times too it was reported  the island also played host to a witches conference.

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