The International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) has officially selected Delroy Alexander of St Lucia as an International Youth Sports Ambassador. By becoming an Ambassador, Alexander joins a growing worldwide consortium comprised of dedicated individuals who are strong advocates of the power of sports in making a positive difference in the lives of children. “I feel so honoured to be part of the International Ambassador program,” said Alexander, who is Chairman of the Sacred Sports Foundation, Inc. “Our team and our partners have been fortunate to have worked with so many great young people. It is their tremendous talent and drive that keeps us all focused on developing and working toward building sports programs that can continue to offer life affirming opportunities. It is great to feel part of a worldwide network, so we can learn from our peers around the world and share our experiences as we play together in sport.” IAYS is the international division of the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), America’s leading advocate for sports for children. IAYS is committed to building the value of sports in countries around the world, by uniting like-minded individuals as Ambassadors for their respective countries. Along with the efforts of these specially selected Ambassadors, IAYS utilizes strategic partnerships with worldwide organizations such as the Peace Corps and Children International, to help make a positive difference in young lives through sports. “The innovative work that the Sacred Sports Foundation is undertaking in St Lucia and the Caribbean is something with which we are proud to be associated,” said John Nauright, Director of the Academy of International Sport at George Mason University. “SSF chairman Delroy Alexander has been a valuable member of our inaugural Global Advisory Board and continues to be an active advocate for youth development in the Caribbean.” “The Sacred Sports Foundation has been a key factor with regards to the technical development programs that have been implemented by the St Lucia Football Association in recent years,” said Dick Howard, FIFA technical advisor. “A professional approach both on and off the field has ensured that players of all ages and ability have had the opportunity to be the best they can be in all aspects of the game.” It remains IAYS’ goal to identify individuals who are committed to the belief that sports play an important and positive role in the physical, emotional and social development of children. IAYS believes that sports activities have immense value and can be the ultimate outdoor classroom for some of life’s greatest lessons – and the individuals selected as Ambassadors will have a united and powerful voice in making that vision become a reality. Individuals chosen as an Ambassador will also be given opportunities to attend NAYS’ annual Youth Sports Congress held in the United States, in order to learn about the state of youth sports from US administrators as well as share ideas and gain insight from other Ambassadors worldwide. “Sports truly are the outdoor classroom of life because they give children the opportunity to learn many important values that they will carry with them throughout their life,” said Fred Engh, founder and president of NAYS. “All children, regardless of the environment they’re living in or the adversities they’re facing, love to play and we have a responsibility to help every single one of them experience the true power of sports. By being identified as an International Youth Sports Ambassador, one becomes a vehicle for promoting this message and bringing quality youth sports experiences to the millions of children who so desperately need it.” Ambassadors will have access to an array of training materials to help local organizations in their country learn how to promote the value and importance sports can have in children’s lives; the importance of quality education and effective strategies educating youth sports administrators; and ways to help sustain and obtain the necessary resources in order to continue youth sports initiatives in one’s country and respective communities.

Chairman of the Sacred Sports Foundation Delroy Alexander.

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