Another Unlawful Police Killing!

One mother is heaving a sigh of relief and expressing mixed emotions after suspicions were confirmed Friday. The mother of Chakadan Daniel sat in the Magistrates Court on Friday when Magistrate Robert Innocent, who presided over an inquest into the death of her son, gave his ruling; Chakadan Daniel’s death was as a result of: “Unlawful Police Killing”.

 Inquest determines Chakadan Daniel did not commit suicide.

Inquest determines Chakadan Daniel did not commit suicide.

On October 23, the family of 22-year-old Chakadan Daniel of Back Street, Micoud was informed by police that he was found dead while in custody at the Micoud Police Station. Police later announced that Daniel was found hanging in his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

Daniel had been scheduled to make an appearance at the Second District Court in Dennery on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. The night before one family member had made a desperate call to Daniel’s lawyer claiming that his brother feared the worst would happen.

A post mortem to determine the exact cause of death was held by Chief Pathologist Dr. Stephen King. The family of Daniel requested the presence of an independent doctor, which was granted in the person of Dr. McDonald Chase. The cause of death was determined to have been death by asphyxia, a condition where an extreme decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body accompanied by an increase in carbon dioxide leads to loss of consciousness or death.

Following this disclosure ACP Frances Henry announced that an investigation into the matter was underway and that on completion, a submission would be made to the DPP who would then determine whether an inquest was necessary or whether there was any culpability by the police in Daniel’s death.

The family and friends of the deceased meanwhile never stood idly by. A pressure group was formed. It held a peaceful march, insisting that it wouldn’t rest until justice was served.

On Friday Frances Daniel, Chakadan’s mother told the STAR that she had prayed for this day but added that this was not the end. “The matter now goes to the High Court and you can never tell how long this matter will last,” she said. Frances says that she was always convinced that there was foul play involved and will not rest until those who are culpable are made to pay.

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  1. Oh well and the beat goes on. Like so many before nothing will become of this. Only when they feel the pressure of Uncle Sam they bulge.

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