Carnival Off Its Axis?

(Photo Kerwin Caesar)

(Photo Kerwin Caesar)

In her rousing dramatic piece on Saturday evening, new carnival queen Licia Jn Paul came to life as Reveller Rose, an old soul from vaval past who has risen from the dead to find that things have changed drastically in the modern era.

A ‘carnival of chaos’ she said, while reminiscing about the days of little to no chance of rain, creatively crafted costumes, and the social commentary synonymous with calypso.

It was a succinctly delivered message: Carnival had been turned upside down.

In Dennery, another young woman appeared to feel the same as our Carnival Queen, however she chose to express herself a little less eloquently.

Might it have something to do with whatever’s in her water bottle? I think we get the picture though.

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One Response to Carnival Off Its Axis?

  1. Fer De Lance says:

    She is either a yoga expert or maybe she likes to mako everything in upside down motion.

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