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Chaos in Ti Colon


Traffic through the community of Ti Colon came to a standstill on Saturday, March 19 for the better part of an hour. There was no getting through the chaos; a car heading to Castries had run off the road and wound up in a ditch at about 5:15pm.
When the STAR got to the scene one of the men had already been taken out of the overturned car by emergency personnel. A few minutes later a second man was brought out of the wreckage. There were whispers on the scene that a third man was dead, and emergency personnel had no choice but to cut through the metal to get him out. They set the vehicle onto what was left of its wheels and an audible gasp swept through the large crowd as the body was now in plain view. A woman
on the scene cried openly at the shocking sight and a young girl
covered her eyes. The lifeless body
of  25-year-old Neil Clarke was put onto a stretcher and taken to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The driver, Elijah Lansiquot
from Canaries sustained serious head injuries and is admitted at the Victoria Hospital.  Jonathan Evelyn of La Clery was also a passenger and sustained serious injuries to his abdomen and is presently admitted at the Victoria Hospital.
Police say after a search of the vehicle a 12-gauge shotgun along with four rounds of ammunition was recovered.


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