Deadly April

The charred remains of a body were discovered in Cap Estate last night Police earlier this morning confirmed that a male was discoverd in the passenger seat of a burnt vehicle at about 11:30 pm Friday Night April 25. This makes it the third such gruesome discovery for the month of April.
On Tuesday April 9 the lifeless body of Jamie Innocent of Morne Dudon was discovered in the bushes near Pigeon Island. Six days later April 15 another dead body was discovered at the Marisule beach. It is yet to be identified. And just this Thursday, April 24, minutes before he was to appear in court Eldon Simon of Bois Patat was shot dead.
The month of April, when most Christians observe lent, which culminated with Easter last weekend was also marred by a number of violent incidents including several stabbings and a number of fatal vehicular accidents.
With the homicide figure now at 12 for the year, many are questioning the capability of local police to get a handle on crime. What with the suspension by the United States on funding for the police and a forensic lab yet to produce any results.

More on crime and the police in next week’s issues of the Star Newspaper.

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2 Responses to Deadly April

  1. MKaks says:

    That’s funny how the tourism minister can blame the British media for bad press, when his ministry made a statement about the discovery of the charred remains being that of a prominent citizen when the body has not yet been identified. Then to justify his ministry’s statement he says the ministry had to say something because there were already rumors circulating out there. As a lawyer and a minister of government that is the dumbest excuse i’ve ever heard, since when do you feed into media frenzies by making unsubstantiated statements. If you don’t know shut your **s, up to now no one from your party has said jack about the Gyrnburg affair and gee that was all over the media you…

  2. Lou Moses says:

    Wow the government needs to step in! Such a beautiful island but all this news will have an effect on tourism! St Lucia has far too much negativity. For a small island 12 deaths in 2014 is horrendous. No longer paradise island.

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