Everett/Devaux Distinguished Members of SLOC


Pictured here are the executive members of St Lucia’s Olympic Committee under the leadership of President, Fortuna Belrose (centre).

The General membership of the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee (SLOC), has ratified the nominations of prominent administrators Jonathan Everett and Carol Devaux as distinguished members of the organization.

Delegates approved the submissions of the executive committee of the SLOC during a meeting last week. The committee itself was voted into office last month with Fortuna Belrose being elected the new president, succeeding Richard Peterkin who did not seek re-election after two decades as head of the SLOC.

Everett, a real estate agent, who continues to be closely associated with the administration of the sport of sailing, has also been involved with the promotion of the sport of squash.

Devaux is a pioneering figure in swimming and is a founding member of the Lifesaving Association. She is also well known for her passion for swimming, which she taught long before a formal structure of an association was established in Saint Lucia.
The full executive committee of the SLOC now comprises, Fortuna Belrose, president; Teddy Matthews, vice president; Ricardo Bowe, second vice-president; Alfred Emmanuel, general secretary; Joyce Huxley, treasurer; Wayne Burton, assistant secretary/treasurer; Ryan O’ Brian, public relations officer. Floor representatives: David Christopher, Monica Dudley, Jerome Girard and Rufina Paul. Once again the distinguished members are Jonathan Everett and Carol Devaux.


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