FIA Burglary: What happened to Kenny-Frederick files?

Minister of Justice Philip La Corbiniere: What does he know about the FIA  burglary and has he communicated details to his Prime Minister?

Minister of Justice Philip La Corbiniere: What does he know about the FIA
burglary and has he communicated details to his Prime Minister?

Last September, this newspaper featured a lead item entitled: “Remember What You Know that I Know that You Know that I Know?” If to the uninformed eye the headline read like gibberish, it nevertheless reminded most Saint Lucians of the anything but funny famous 2006 pre-election confrontation outside the NIC conference room, featuring the soon to be unseated Prime Minister Kenny Anthony and newcomer to the arena but already controversial Richard Frederick, an independent candidate seeking to replace the incumbent Castries Central MP.

No need to revisit the cited publication. Suffice it to say it referenced an August 2013 SLP rally when the SLP leader and prime minister not only uncharacteristically sang lustily for his USDA-approved cheeseburger, but also acknowledged that without US greenbacks, local law enforcement efforts at combating human and drug trafficking would be severely handicapped.

While earlier the Minister for Legal Affairs had sought to invalidate my revelation that funding supplied under the Leahy Law arrangements had been suspended—as punishment for the government’s self-serving reluctance to investigate alleged human rights violations by local cops—the prime minister was subsequently left little choice but to confirm my story, as diplomatically as possible, during a televised public address.

For certain particularly well-informed readers, however, perhaps the scariest part of my September account was the warning of a “combustible matter about to bust wide open, involving the Financial Intelligence Authority, whose director is local lawyer Paul Thompson. The rest of the unit comprises police and customs officers.”

The FIA was set up to deal particularly with money laundering and other crimes involving finance.

The final paragraph: “For the time being I need only ask again: What does the prime minister know about this ticking FIA bomb that Richard Frederick may or may not know, and about which Philip J. Pierre and fellow Cabinet colleagues may have not a clue? This time around, who will be the sacrificial lamb?”

Although I had strategically neglected to mention it at the time, my sources had suggested that never mind the well-publicized laundering of their dirty linen on Bridge Street and in William Peter Boulevard, away from prying ears the prime minister and Richard Frederick enjoyed an association a long way from acrimonious. I might’ve easily accepted the incredible suggestion had it involved any other two politicians. The prime minister and the Castries Central MP was altogether another cup of canelle tea.

There was no official reaction; at any rate, publicly. But well-positioned sources had assured me my article ruffled some feathers high up the ovine food chain.
Indeed, my article seemed to have confirmed their long-held suspicions I not only had CIA and US State Department sources, but also close links with local government personnel connected with American agencies.

Whether or not true, that was hardly the point. I had fully expected some official reaction. In particular, to my not-so-subtle suggestion that the US visas held by certain cops were under threat—the justice minister’s too, if the government continued to drag its feet on promises to the State Department relating to the suspected human rights violations by local cops.

Then came the public announcement that in keeping with US demands, IMPACS, a previously unheard of OECS group comprising largely distrusted Jamaican cops, had started looking into allegations that members of the RSLPF had in 2011 extra-judicially disposed of several supposedly troublesome citizens during Operation Restore Confidence.

Under normal circumstances, once such an investigation was underway, funding to the police would’ve been restored. In this instance, the Leahy funds continue to be withheld, a fact recently acknowledged officially here.

Lately, however, our self-convinced oracular legal affairs minister has been bragging all over the pussycat local media. Perhaps in response to my treatment of his risible attempt at intimidating our reporters, the SLP-plagued Timothy Poleon in particular, the minister has been suggesting I knew not whence I cometh—evinced by his retention of his US visa.

Of course, the reason for that is the IMPACS investigation. How long the unelected minister is allowed to keep his visa will, I suspect, depend on the impact of IMPACS, expected to report its findings next month.

Meanwhile, another bombshell involving the Financial Intelligence Authority: it turns out a special file, according to my sources, “this thick,” and cash exhibits totaling some $US4000 that were kept in an ostensibly “secure cabinet” at the FIA, have vanished.

The legal affairs minister, who was recently issuing threats against sections of the media via RSL, has known for some time about the missing file and money, but has chosen to keep the matter from the general public. I cannot say, for certain, whether he has informed his prime minister.

My information is that he also knows who removed the file without expressed justification—and its present location. The minister is also aware that certain items have inexplicably disappeared from the file. As for the missing thousands, there has been no accounting for the withdrawal.

The reason the file was removed from the FIA secure cabinet is, to say the least, perplexing. My sources tell me the excuse centers on a burglary that went unreported until long after the fact. The legal affairs minister alone knows what he did with the received information. To the best of my knowledge the police are not investigating the matter, at any rate, not with any noticeable urgency!

The stolen money was an exhibit in the Donovan Lorde case, at least five years pending. As for the items extracted from the “this thick” file, it concerned the earlier mentioned behind the scenes relationship between the prime minister and the much-maligned Castries Central MP—especially by the Minister for Legal Affairs!

Several years ago a vault containing classified documents and an undisclosed amount of money was surreptitiously removed from the office of the police commissioner.

The STAR broke that story, which was subsequently officially confirmed. Hopefully, the FIA director and the Minister for Legal Affairs will be, however late in the day, as forthcoming.

The plot thickens!

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8 Responses to FIA Burglary: What happened to Kenny-Frederick files?


    So let me get this straight…So Kenny did know what richard new that kenny didnt know, but Tenny knows, but Lacorbinaire doesnt know….and….wait! How come they keep resurrecting Lacorb, when he is totally unelectable….cant turn out a single vote…..and is no real trench warfare labah soldier….But he always have his portfolio on deck? La corb have pull gasa…..

  2. tenny says:

    Why don’t you reveal your true identity…who are you to judge….so I must read some article penned by some hater and take it as the gospel truth….I would rather be a true zombie, a walking dead and all of the above rather than let some newspaper article by someone who has a personal vendetta shape my thoughts…ok beedie, whoever!

  3. beedie baba says:

    Corruption is a magic trick which can alter all realities, St. Lucia is blessed with the greatest Houdini’s. We are a culture of an exploitation that endorses oppression and repression of the masses. You are conditioned to a mind which has it’s thoughts and ideas originating from those in charge, you are limited into being a slave of idiocy and poverty but mostly of lies, you are a true zombie, a walking dead who does and says everything he is instructed.

  4. tenny says:

    all of a sudden because Richard calls Kenny an angel a story comes up with him and Kenny…choops tun…all of a sudden we know corruption….if you want to talk about corruption “start a the beginning” when King was PM, but know you are hell bent on pointing out the “so called corruption” in this administration….in my opinion this is nastiness…on your part Mr Editor

  5. tenny says:

    I know the ending to fairy tales” and they all lived happily ever after”….the evil one always dies….

  6. BetterMedia says:

    Maybe Tenny should wait for the conclusion of the “story” before deciding if it’s factual or fictional, unless of course, Kenny… I mean Tenny knows that he knows what I don’t know.

  7. Till says:

    Corruption leaves a nasty taste in my mouth,you don’t know where it starts or where it ends.St.Lucia right now is no other than those dictatorship countries in Africa.Those problems will always be there when in the 21st century St.Lucia is the only country in the world who still have a prime who is also the minister of finance,and then people expect accountability.

  8. tenny says:

    All that story is missing is “once upon a time”

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