Finally some Government assistance for George Charles SEC?

Will this slab of dirt finally be transformed into a suitable playing field for George Charles students?

Will this slab of dirt finally be transformed into a suitable playing field for George Charles students?

Last week the STAR published the story “What sin has the George Charles Secondary School committed?” and in doing so, highlighted some of the problems the students who attend the school and others prior to them have endured. The students who are categorized as ‘technically inclined’ and ‘sports-oriented’ have no means of expressing their talents in those areas.

The School, which was built in 1991, was never accommodated with any sporting facilities. The dilapidated court that the students currently use for recreation and as their means of training for all sporting disciplines, was built by the generous and concerned parents of students. In the school’s 23 year existence, it has never had a playing field. After years upon years of complaining to the ministry of education, the school staff and students tried to construct a playing area for the school but their endeavors were halted due to financial constraints.

We are not sure what did it or whether we had anything to do with it, but finally the school seems to be getting some attention from the authorities. It would seem that finally the cries of the students, parents, teachers of the George Charles School and other concerned individuals are being heard. This week the monetary contribution from the government to assisting them with rehabilitating a playing field was disbursed.

According to a credible source, parliamentary representative for the area Castries South Dr. Robert Lewis had orginally made available EC$30 000. This is in addition to another $30 000 provided by The Ministry of Youth and Sports last year.

Unfortunately, this windfall does not begin to include the cost of labour and so the students are going to have to galvanize their efforts once again to aid their ailing alma mater.

“The students actually volunteered to be out of class so they could come and assist and they’re taken turns in helping out” explained principal Walston Alfred.

It’s definitely a start but still just a drop in the bucket considering the dire straits faced by the much-maligned institution.

Hopefully this will turn the tide in the favour of the seemingly forgotten ones.

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One Response to Finally some Government assistance for George Charles SEC?

  1. galanjoseph says:

    What a shame and we see no problem with helping one indiviual with her medical bills for more than this amount. This is caring for the youth. I would have commented on this school’s situation a long time ago. But then again who am i? Let me ask you rick, what is the difference between a “Labour” and a “Worker” party? This was alluded to by the PM of Dominicia. Have we graduated from being Manicous to Mountain Chickens. Maybe this should be your next headline.

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