The beauty at the center of our flashback photo last week was none other than Victoria Rowell who played Drucilla on “Young and the Restless which was at the time one of the most popular soap operas here in Saint Lucia. The television star was brought to Saint Lucia by Helen Television Systems, and scores of Saint Lucians payed a nominal fee to see the TV soap beauty at Pointe Seraphine. Many of our readers have correctly identified the center of attraction in the photo, but we are still awaiting word on who the two Saint Lucian starlets are, standing next to her.



Farming in Saint Lucia has seen its fair share of turbulent times and when mixed with politics the waters have become even muddier in Saint Lucia. Can any of our readers recall the name of the gentleman being interviewed in this photograph and what was his role in the history of farming and indeed politics in Saint Lucia? Oh by the way can you also identify the chap interviewing him?

Share your feedback with us.

3 Responses to FLASHBACK

  1. Michael says:

    Rupert Gadjadar of SLBGA and the interview is Vincent Lewis

  2. Hulla says:

    the fellar is Rupert

  3. mark laporte says:

    Mr Rupert Ghadjadah(? spelling right?) Worked for SLBGA.Can’t remember his role

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