Aha! It took a full two weeks before some readers guessed the identity of the guy in the orange shirt on the steps of the Castries market. The event was not—I repeat not—as so many wrong speculated, a Saint Lucia Labour Party rally. On the contrary, given a choice, the party might’ve kicked the day’s trouble makers off their regular turf.

But what to make of Josiah Marcellin, who opined that the guy in the, er, orange shirt was Kenny Anthony. No way, Jose. But Rene Regis, Cheryl Forde and George Gallion were right on the button.

The occasion was a much publicized day of protest against burgeoning crime. The year was 2005 or early 2006—at a time when ONE (Organization for National Empowerment) actually was a political organization with a membership of more than one.

Fed up to the teeth (as was everyone except the incumbents and the perps) with the failed police efforts at doing something positive about rampant criminality, especially violent crime, ONE finally decided to act. The special day began with an indoor discussion, perchance to discover how best to
affect the crime wave—to which the government was invited, but declined. This essentially barren get-together was followed by placard-bearing citizens marching in protest through the streets of Castries, after which they gathered on the Castries market steps to take their turn at some spleen venting.

In attendance were Peter Josie and then ONE member Keith Mondesir. Notably, there were no priests, no police officers, no leaders of people organizations, no magistrates. In other words, this citizens’ effort was made to take on the appearance of just another party thing with elections around the corner.

Later the day’s prime minister regaled an SLP convention when he pappyshowed the ONE effort against crime. Oh, the guy in the orange shirt was none other than your not so humble servant. Congrats to all who got at least half the story right.

And now for your next memory jogger. Tell us when this photo was taken, where and what you know about the parties pictured.  




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